Integrating RightFax with MedPlus ChartMaxx is the next logical stop when your organization already runs one of the premier healthcare content management systems. ChartMaxx efficiently integrates the myriad of patient and financial data that flows through practices every day, all in a simple and consolidated interface. And digital fax deployment brings broad opportunities to improve document workflow even from ChartMaxx’s already extensive feature set.

How does ChartMaxx fax integration add value to the program’s key features and capabilities? As just a few examples, business process management improves thanks to individualized security protocols for various types of information (e.g., PHI versus non-PHI). Document management collection becomes even more error-proof when faxing is fully automated according to custom rules. ChartMaxx’s audit-friendly features are enhanced by sophisticated fax archival options.

…And the list goes on.

EMR / EHR Digital Fax Solutions: Why RightFax ?

RightFax is the recommended digital fax solution for many major EMR / EHR platforms for one reason: an unparalleled combination of reliability, security, and customizability. As alluded to above, this fax solution contains several features almost every single healthcare practice will find valuable, including:

  • Ability to fax physicians’ notes/referrals, prescriptions, and so forth directly from ChartMaxx
  • Compatibility, and often a native integration, with every application in the office
  • Quick and secure faxing into and out of email, accompanied by custom fax notifications
  • Far more efficient utilization of multi-function printers (MFPs) that may already be in place

In addition to implementing MedPlus fax integrations, Paperless Productivity offers end-to-end RightFax support and comprehensive training services, all tailored around enhancing EMR / EHR use and efficiency.

Contact Paperless Productivity online or by phone at 1-877 MY FAXING (693-2946) to arrange a live demo of EMR fax integration, and see firsthand how easy healthcare document management can be.