RightFax MFP Fax Integration with Drivve Image Capture Software

Often, RightFax scanning software and capture software integration is the key to a truly seamless MFP / MFD fax workflow. By choosing Drivve Image, you’ve already implemented an efficient and usable document capture solution. Scanned documents are automatically recognized and categorized before your ECM or line-of-business apps even receive them. Perhaps you’ve even combined various Drivve modules to connect with databases, integrate with SharePoint, or generate barcodes.

Still, where RightFax use is concerned, there may be some untapped potential. Drivve Image has always supported integration with the RightFax digital fax solution. But now that a dedicated RightFax connector has been released, installation and configuration of your MFP fax environment have never been easier!

Fax Capture Integration & MFP Fax Benefits

Why integrate RightFax with your Drivve Image scanning software? At the end of the day, it’s about making every office process as simple, efficient, and paperless as possible. For example, you will:

  • Save precious time with one-touch faxing of scanned documents, directly from MFPs
  • Empower users with straightforward desktop fax capabilities
  • Facilitate valuable fax integrations with almost every application in existence
  • Reduce paper by receiving faxes electronically and never printing another outbound page
  • Enhance compliance and audit-readiness by keeping comprehensive records of all fax access and transmission

In addition to a universally compatible version, Drivve also offers device-specific MFP faxing connectors for most major device vendors:

Please note that multiple RightFax connectors are available, including manufacturer-specific RightFax MFP Connectors, universal SMTP and XML Connectors, and a Mail-to-Fax Connector. Requirements depend on the customer’s specific device(s), so please contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to learn more about MFP faxing options within your unique environment.

RightFax Scanning Integration Services for Drivve Image

Every day, we see RightFax customers improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness through smart implementation of key improvements to their MFP / MDF fax workflows. If you are ready to do the same, then integrating RightFax with Drivve Image simply makes sense.

Over the course of two decades, Paperless Productivity has helped organizations of all sizes and in all industries to identify critical fax workflow enhacements. When it’s time to plan, implement, and provide RightFax support for a scanning software integration, our expertise guarantees continued reliability and performance.

To learn more about MFP faxing with solutions like Drivve Image, or to schedule a live digital faxing demonstration, please contact our team online or at 877 MY FAXING (877 693-2946).

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