RightFax Server for Drivve Image, Canon Edition

Are you a Canon customer looking for greater efficiency and security in your MFP fax workflow? As with the generic Drivve Image scan-to-fax solution, RightFax also helps Drivve Image Canon Edition bring enterprise-grade MFP fax functionality to your fleet.

This edition is particular to two network scanner models:

  • ScanFront 300
  • ScanFront 300P

Canon MFP Faxing with RightFax

Whichever models your organization employs, RightFax brings a bevy of benefits to your daily faxing and scan-to-fax processes:

  • Quick, walk-up scan-to-fax capabilities for all devices
  • Convenient desktop faxing and available integration for virtually all software
  • Fax automation and OCR integration

Considering all the time and consumables saved by an appropriate scan-to-fax solution, it’s no wonder so many customers find a faster and greater ROI on their Canon MFPs, as well as quick returns on the RightFax server itself.

  • Eliminate paper and ink from outbound faxing
  • Never print another inbound fax
  • Save by unloading space-wasting standalone fax machines and their dedicated phone lines
  • End time-consuming trips to the MFP / fax machine by implementing a one-click electronic fax process

Additionally, the standard edition of Drivve Image allows for RightFax integration with any number of other Canon MFPs, including:

imagePROGRAF iPF750 / iPF760 / iPF765 / iPF780 / iPF785 / iPF815 / iPF825

imageRUNNER 1025 / 1025iF / 1025N / 1730 / 1730iF / 2525 / 2530 / 2535 / 2535i / 2545 / 2545i

imageRUNNER ADVANCE 400iF / 4225 / 4235 / 4245 / 4251 / 500iF / 6255 / 6265 / 6275 / 8205 / 8285 / 8295 / C2225 / C2230 / C250iF / C350iF / C5235 / C5235A / C5240 / C5240A / C5250 / C5255 / C7260 / ADVANCE C7270 / C9065S PRO / C9075S PRO / C9270 PRO / C9280 PRO

imageRUNNER C1030iF

Scan-to-Fax & RightFax Project Services

As always, we remind you that all scan-to-fax integrations may involve different types of connectors between RightFax, Drivve Image, and the devices themselves. Our team will help you identify the possibilities available in your environment, and implement a cost-effective and robust workflow.

Likewise, we understand the importance of reliability and user adoption. That’s why every deployment is backed up by responsive RightFax support and customized administrator / trainer / end-user training.

Paperless Productivity engineers have helped countless clients save money through strategic MFP fax integrations, and are ready to help you do the same. For further information, please contact us online or at 877 MY FAXING (877 693-2946).

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