Cerner EMR and EHR Software Integration with RightFax

RightFax works with Cerner’s state-of-the-art EMR and EHR applications to uphold compliance standards and control operating costs.

Confidential document transmission is a longstanding challenge in healthcare. Providers that conquer it with modern, scalable tools increase profitability and build a significant advantage.

The integration of Cerner EMR / EHR with RightFax improves productivity for healthcare organizations. The combination of EMR and digital faxing technologies further streamlines business processes, reduces administrative costs, reduces labor, and eliminates paper waste while making it easier than ever to:

  • Replace cumbersome paper faxes with near-real-time electronic ones
  • Enhance compliance via full audit trails
  • Design and enforce granular security policies

Cerner-RightFax API Integration

Cerner customers often use file- and print- based tools like the RightFax Integration Module or XML Module to integrate their EHR and digital fax solution.

However, the RightFax Web API is a flexible and modern alternative that opens up additional workflow possibilities. Its RESTful design is familiar to all developers, and manageable in all modern scripting and programming languages.

Other RightFax APIs are also available, and they're often ideal for specific cases such as native Windows applications.

A key factor is the number and nature of other systems involved, beyond RightFax and Cerner. Your Paperless Productivity® consultant will help you take inventory of these use cases and identify the right integration strategy for robust, cost-effective faxing.

Cerner EMR / EHR Optimized by RightFax

Cerner healthcare software integrates with RightFax, the market leader for EMR/EHR faxing solutions, providing a fast, easy, and secure fax capability. Fax solutions can automate the secure delivery, receipt, and tracking of private health information while supporting HIPAA compliance initiatives. Cerner users can expect to enjoy a multitude of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Support of HIPAA-compliant faxing and other regulatory mandates
  • Maximization of efficiency by reducing paper handling and manual processes
  • Provides secure connections for efficient and reliable electronic fax delivery
  • Customizable inbound fax routing to e-mail, network folder, or web-client
  • Full management of phonebook contacts in real-time
  • Secure and efficient transmission of patient information

In-house and internet faxing via is as simple as printing from the Cerner application. With only a couple clicks, users can safely and quickly fax confidential patient information to providers, insurers, pharmacies, and any other parties. Click here now or call toll-free 1-877 MY FAXING (693-2946) today to schedule a live demo and see how Cerner-RightFax integration can drive down costs and ensure HIPAA compliance for your organization.

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