Muratec MFP Faxing with RightFax

If your organization faxes heavily with its Muratec MFP fleet, then you're probably familiar with the challenges of analog faxing.

  • Difficulty supporting remote workers
  • Bottlenecks during peak times
  • Lack of records and tracing
  • Ever-increasing analog line costs

These quickly grow into strategic issues. That's why they're the main drivers of the widespread move to virtualized fax platforms and IP telephony.

But does that mean you're stuck with a hefty MFP investment that anchors fax workflows in the past?

Not at all. In fact, your Muratec MFPs can fit neatly into modern fax architecture.

Any networked device can now support IP faxing with the same user experience and same vendor software and firmware.

Just as Muratec aims to streamline your everyday workflows—from basic printing and scanning to sophisticated capture and routing—a Muratec fax integration with RightFax brings your faxing processes into the modern era.

RightFax Integration Benefits for Muratec MFPs

Most organizations that use MFPs find their devices useful but expensive to own/lease, and tend to spend far too much money on the paper, ink, and labor that go into paper-based MFP faxing. By redesigning this expensive, laborious, and unsecure workflow to use a Muratec-integrated RightFax solution, faxing becomes affordable, fast, and secure.

If your organization already uses Muratec MFPs and RightFax, then integrating the two products will drastically increase the value of each. Similarly, if you are using only the built-in Muratec faxing feautures, then RightFax will add an abundance of new capabilities and benefits, such as:

  • Automated dialing and routing based on user identity, date and time, document source, and so forth
  • Customizable and centrally-managed fax security settings—and far fewer sensitive papers sitting around the office!
  • Robust digital fax integration with not only Muratec, but all software your office may use

These are just a few of the most universal RightFax benefits for MFP faxing. And for organizations with complex workflow or business needs, the specific benefits are far more numerous. That’s precisely why most RightFax integration projects yield an extraordinarily quick ROI—often measured in months, not years.

Muratec Models for MFP Fax Integration

The following list of Muratec models highlights most (not necessarily all) devices capable of MFP fax integration:


Please note that multiple connectors are available, including manufacturer-specific RightFax MFP Connectors, universal SMTP and XML Connectors, and a Mail-to-Fax Connector. Requirements depend on the customer’s specific device(s), so please contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to learn more about MFP faxing options within your unique environment.

Whatever your MFP faxing needs, we at Paperless Productivity are happy to provide a private demonstration, complimentary workflow consultation, or even just further background information on RightFax support and implementation. When you’re ready to learn more, please contact us online or via phone at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).

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