As IP telephony gains wider adoption, the possibility of fax-over-IP (“FoIP”) has become a key driver of many UC fax projects. The HP VCX series is one of the leading IP telephony platforms, with options for small businesses, full-scale enterprise deployments, and everything in between. Several VCX versions also benefit from native compatibility with RightFax, making the platform an ideal starting point for IP fax services.

The importance of faxing in daily business operations is easily overlooked—until it becomes a substantial bottleneck in critical processes, or a drain on scarce resources. Customers find that VCX with RightFax is not just technology for its own sake, but a way to deliver real, tangible benefits for every end user, IT administrator, and other stakeholders in fax-related processes. Below are just some of the benefits your organization can and should expect from a UC fax integration project:

  • Rapid ROI (frequently a matter of months) due to massive reductions in paper, toner, and excess phone lines
  • Provision of simple, UC-integrated desktop faxing for every user while eliminating most or all fax machines and their associated labor costs
  • Highly granular security and document tracking options, to maximize day-to-day compliance with privacy regulations while facilitating audit preparation
  • More efficient use of existing VCX UC equipment, to help you make the most of your telephony investment

In addition to all the above, RightFax was designed with nearly universal integration possibilities in mind. In fact, it not only boasts native integrations with most major workplace applications and MFPs, but can also be accessed directly from any application that is able to print.

UC Fax Integration by Model

If your telephony environment contains any of the following VCX models/versions, then the time may be right to explore UC faxing with RightFax, and start accruing the benefits described above.

VCX Connect 8.0.4e

VCX Connect 7.1.13e3

VCX Enterprise 7.2.5

VCX Enterprise 7.1.21c

VCX Enterprise 7.1.12

VCX System i 7.2.5

Please note that telephony and UC fax configuration is technically complex, and requires substantial fax and telephony expertise to execute. Additionally, requirements depend on the customer’s specific product(s) and may change over time, so please contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to learn more about UC/PBX faxing options within your unique environment.

RightFax-VCX Integration & Telephony Expertise

The deeply and broadly knowledgeable solutions architects at Paperless Productivity offer the RightFax experience, telephony knowledge, and acute business sense required for successful UC fax implementations. Likewise, our engineering team is available on-call (see our RightFax support offerings for further information) to put its decades of combined expertise to work maintaining and enhancing your RightFax system and integrations.

When the costs of paper faxing and abundant phone lines become too much, simply reach out to Paperless Productivity to see what sort of efficient, cost-effective VCX-RightFax integration might make sense. For further information, live demos, or a value-added workflow analysis, please contact us online or by phone at 877 MY FAXING (693-2946).