RightFax SIP Trunking for Fax-over-IP

Fax-over-IP via SIP trunking is one of the first places many IT departments turn to reduce telecom operating expenses, since it eliminates all fax boards/gateways and most other fax-related telephony. And following the mandatory end of copper phone lines, it's often a practical necessity.

For current RightFax users, this means elimination of expensive equipment and time-consuming telecom management. For those about to deploy RightFax, this can help minimize project outlays while simplifying fax architecture.

Is RightFax a SIP Fax Server?

SIP trunking with RightFax is a straightforward concept. In standard environment, a ‘trunk’ of physical wires connects the fax server to the PSTN (public switched telephone network). With SIP trunking, these wires are replaced by a SIP session, which is mediated by something called a session border controller, or SBC.

What Is Fax Over SIP, Exactly?

SIP, or session initiation protocol, is common text-based protocol for managing communications over an IP network. It bears some similarities to HTTP and SMTP, and can control not only fax sessions, but often video, voice, and other means of communication as part of an overall Unified Communications solution.

As mentioned above, an SBC is usually integral to a RightFax VoIP fax environment. This device basically starts, maintains, and stops calls on the IP network. Careful RightFax interoperability testing with fax-optimized Dialogic and Cisco SBCs helps ensure high call quality in your fax environment.

Which SIP Trunk Vendors Is RightFax Compatible With?

After extensive performance and reliability analysis, OpenText and Dialogic recommend the following vendors for VoIP fax architecture with RightFax.

  • Allstream
  • AT&T
  • babyTEL
  • Broadview Broadspeed
  • BroadVox GO!
  • CenturyLink
  • Cloudli
  • Global Crossing
  • Level 3
  • Node 4
  • T.38Fax.com
  • Verizon
  • XO Communications

Carrier Equipment

  • Acme Packet
  • Broadsoft
  • NexPoint
  • Sonus
  • Sylantro
  • SER


  • AeonixTadiran
  • Aastra
  • Aastra MX One
  • Digium / Asterisk
  • Avaya IP Office
  • Avaya SES / CM
  • Avaya QE
  • Brekeke
  • Broadsoft
  • Cisco Call Manager
  • Fonality
  • Innovaphone
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Iwatsu
  • LG Nortel
  • Microsoft
  • Mitel
  • NEC / Sphere
  • Nortel BCM
  • Nortel SCS
  • Objectworld
  • Panasonic
  • Pingtel
  • Samsung
  • SER
  • ShoreTel
  • Siemens 8000
  • SIP-Gear
  • Sonus
  • Sphere Communications
  • Swyx

In our experience, even though all the above do support Fax-over-IP, some deliver better faxing performance than others. Your solutions architect will help identify the ideal SIP trunk vendor for you location and specific RightFax FoIP environment.

Please consult our RightFax SIP trunking vendors page for a broader list of SIP trunking services and equipment vendors that are believed to be interoperable but not yet evaluated by RightFax and Dialogic.

Since SIP trunking with RightFax involves technical complexity around business-critical communications, the importance of Fax-over-IP expertise cannot be overstated. Paperless Productivity’s technical team brings exceptional SIP trunking and IP networking knowledge to the table, along with partnerships with some of the premier consultants in the telecom industry, and ongoing RightFax support.

If you are contemplating a RightFax SIP trunking / FoIP project, then contact us today for a value-added consultation.

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