Fax-over-IP with ShoreTel & RightFax PBX Integration

OpenText, maker of the RightFax fax server, is a preferred ShoreTel technology partner due its reputation for innovative and cost-effective faxing solutions. And thanks to this ongoing collaboration, ShoreTel’s VoIP environment lends itself nicely to robust fax over IP (FoIP) integration with the RightFax fax server. This enables ShoreTel clients to make full use of their IP telephony investment while reducing reliance on PSTN fax transmission.

Why IP Faxing with ShoreTel?

Traditional analog lines are gone, and enterprise customers have long been abandoning them in favor of FoIP solutions (sometimes referred to as “VoIP fax” servers). Often, a primary driver for ShoreTel FoIP projects is the desire to consolidate faxing and other telecom services into the same UC environment. If executed well, the resulting network is more streamlined, more cost-effective, and far easier to manage. Depending on the strengths and struggles of your current fax architecture, additional benefits will include:
  • Greatly enhanced security and privacy controls for faxed documents
  • Complete elimination of paper from all fax workflows
  • Inbound and outbound faxing from the desktop as well as virtually every application
  • Greater regulatory compliance and audit-readiness though a customizable fax audit trail
Please note that even relatively straightforward integrations like RightFax and ShoreTel may still require substantial fax server and telephony expertise to execute. Additionally, requirements depend on the customer’s specific product(s) and may change over time, so please contact a Paperless Productivity solutions architect to learn more about UC/PBX fax server options within your unique environment.

RightFax Fax-over-IP for ShoreTel

If you have or are considering a ShoreTel switch that supports T.38 transmission, then it’s time to think about deploying a fax solution as efficient as your UC environment. We understand that Fax-over-IP projects, like all telecom projects, have major business implications. To ensure minimal downtime and a stable production environment, our team operates with uncompromising professionalism at every stage of the project, from planning to go-live to long-term RightFax support. So, when you’re ready to learn more, or simply to bounce some ideas off an expert, drop us a line via the Web or by phone at 877 MY FAXING (877 693-2946).

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