Common RightFax Support Questions: What Is the RightFax Encryption Module?


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Posted on: October 7, 2014

Part of our RightFax support service is helping identify opportunities for improved fax security measures. The inherent security of fax provides a solid foundation, since fax calls over telephone lines are not readily intercepted, and nearly impossible to decipher (unlike emails).

However, even with fully secure transmission, the storage of fax images and their local access/privacy must also be addressed. That’s precisely why OpenText has introduced features such as the Encryption Module, whereby RightFax applies Triple DES 192-bit security to the contents of the fax image directory. This is particularly good news for our clients in industries such as health care, wherein protected data are an increasingly valuable black market commodity.

Before delving into the module, let’s take a quick look at this DES (Data Encryption Standard) technology. In a nutshell, “triple” refers to the use of three keys to encrypt, decrypt, and subsequently re-encrypt data. As computing power grew, single-key DES eventually became susceptible to brute-force attacks. The use of three distinct 64-bit keys is an effective countermeasure, providing exponentially more protection. In fact, the NIST has approved 192-bit Triple DES for use clear through the year 2030.

In addition to simply protecting the fax image data, the RightFax Encryption Module fully tracks all authorized image access while prohibiting unauthorized access. For organizations subject to PCI DSS, HIPAA, or other mandates, this represent a critical step toward regulatory compliance. And for those using/considering FoIP, it also works with encrypted transmission protocols to enhance end-to-end fax security.

As of version 10.6, the Encryption Module can be added onto all editions of RightFax (Branch Office, Business, Enterprise, Enterprise Suite, and Enterprise Integration Servers). If you’re still running a prior version of RightFax, then contact us today to confirm your valid RightFax support and discuss whether the Encryption Module makes sense for your organization. As always, it is our pleasure to offer a complimentary workflow consultation and ensure your fax environment is using RightFax as efficiently as possible.

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