babyTEL Releases Encryption for SIP Fax-over-IP


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Posted on: December 12, 2013

babyTEL, an industry leading FoIP (fax-over-IP) provider specializing in SIP technology has just released transmission encryption options. SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, allows fax users to send and receive faxes in a real-time fashion using virtual phone lines. There are many SIP providers on the market, however babyTEL specializes in SIP-based faxing and has optimized their SIP network for faxing.

babyTEL offers SIP encryption for real-time fax transmission

Earlier this week, babyTEL announced that it now offers encryption for all real-time fax transmissions. The fax experts at MyPaperlessFax leverage babyTEL SIP to provide fax server and RightFax users with highly available and centralized configurations. The extension of encryption options provides an added layer of security to fax transmissions that is fully compliant with HIPAA and SOX regulations making babyTEL SIP fax-over-IP solutions some of the most secure and robust on the market.

In industries such as healthcare, where fax is a mission critical application, organizations must ensure that each incoming and outgoing fax is properly transmitted. If your organization receives most business through physician referrals, failed fax transmissions can often deter a fellow provider from continuing to refer patients to your clinic. The high-availability of fax transmission channels provided by SIP goes a long way to ensure optimization of a fax server deployment that can accommodate high fax volumes. Fax over IP solutions using SIP technology serve as a perfect solution for healthcare organizations by ensuring fax transmission/receipt and provides added levels of security that support HIPAA regulatory standards.

Encrypted FoIP transmission also complement the RightFax encryption module to facilitate end-to-end protection of data both ‘in motion’ and at rest on the RightFax server. And with the ever-growing importance of secure faxing for health care, in particular, there has never been a better time to discuss this innovative SIP/FoIP standard with your RightFax support provider.

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