RightFax Use Case: Large Community Medical Center

RightFax remains the de facto fax solution within healthcare given its wide array of features, functionalities and native integrations to EMR / EHR systems. For these reasons, a large scale community medical center transitioned to RightFax in mid-2013. Prior to implementing RightFax, the medical center was using multifunction devices within their various departments and back offices. The emergence of HIPAA and the cost associated with fax-enabling their MFD / MFP (multi-function printer) fleet led them to search for a more cost-effective, compliant and secure method of document distribution. Security was a primary concern, as paper faxes pose a profound compliance risk, and even electronic data (if not properly encrypted), can be a major liability.

After a year of RightFax use, the medical center is thrilled with its investment. RightFax has been integrated with the EMR and email systems for automated faxing and a user-friendly workflow. RightFax integration has also fax-enabled the MFD fleet, thus leveraging their existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of buying fax kits for those devices. According to one network admin, “RightFax has served as a big win for us. It’s a high visibility project that addresses both compliance demands and saves us a bunch of money. Not to mention, it makes things easy for me and my team to manage.”

More and more hospitals, clinics and medical centers are transitioning from traditional faxing methods to RightFax fax server technology. RightFax is suitable for organizations of any nature and size, and can plug into diverse sets of existing infrastructure through various available APIs. Do not waste time; schedule a free RightFax consultation with the experts at MyPaperlessFax today!

RightFax Integrates with MediTech

RightFax, the market leading fax server technology and the predominant within the healthcare faxing industry integrates with EMR and EHR applications to deliver best of breed document distribution for healthcare providers and payers. RightFax integrates with MediTech EHR, extending the power and stability of the RightFax platform to MediTech users.

With the healthcare industry subject to increasing compliance demands, organizations must look to a document distribution solution that:

  • Securely distributes PHI
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of fax activity

RightFax provides providers, payers and suppliers the tools necessary to comply with HIPAA regulations. RightFax in an inherently secure platform with encryption options available and grants administrators the tools necessary to have a full audit log of fax activity. The fax server is much more than a way for MediTech users to distribute PHI securely. By integrating MediTech with RightFax, organizations can expect to:

  • Fax directly from MediTech EMR
  • Customize inbound fax routing to email, network folder or web-client
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper faxing
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Management of phonebook contacts

Integrating with RightFax allows MediTech users to not only stay in compliance with federal regulations, but it allows healthcare organizations to cut costs and streamline existing fax practices. Simply put, RightFax allows healthcare organizations to focus less on menial administrative tasks and focus on patient oriented care.

babyTEL Releases Encryption for SIP Fax-over-IP

babyTEL, an industry leading FoIP (fax-over-IP) provider specializing in SIP technology has just released transmission encryption options. SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, allows fax users to send and receive faxes in a real-time fashion using virtual phone lines. There are many SIP providers on the market, however babyTEL specializes in SIP-based faxing and has optimized their SIP network for faxing.

babyTEL offers SIP encryption for real-time fax transmission

Earlier this week, babyTEL announced that it now offers encryption for all real-time fax transmissions. The fax experts at MyPaperlessFax leverage babyTEL SIP to provide fax server and RightFax users with highly available and centralized configurations. The extension of encryption options provides an added layer of security to fax transmissions that is fully compliant with HIPAA and SOX regulations making babyTEL SIP fax-over-IP solutions some of the most secure and robust on the market.

In industries such as healthcare, where fax is a mission critical application, organizations must ensure that each incoming and outgoing fax is properly transmitted. If your organization receives most business through physician referrals, failed fax transmissions can often deter a fellow provider from continuing to refer patients to your clinic. The high-availability of fax transmission channels provided by SIP goes a long way to ensure optimization of a fax server deployment that can accommodate high fax volumes. Fax over IP solutions using SIP technology serve as a perfect solution for healthcare organizations by ensuring fax transmission/receipt and provides added levels of security that support HIPAA regulatory standards.

Encrypted FoIP transmission also complement the RightFax encryption module to facilitate end-to-end protection of data both ‘in motion’ and at rest on the RightFax server. And with the ever-growing importance of secure faxing for health care, in particular, there has never been a better time to discuss this innovative SIP/FoIP standard with your RightFax support provider.

Fax Addressing Error Leads to HIPAA Breach

Faxing errors by an Oregon healthcare provider threatens organization’s HIPAA Compliance efforts. According to CBS’ local affiliate in Eugene, Oregon, a Eugene resident received two patients’ confidential medical records in the past week. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the provider has made this mistake. The man charges that he has received many patient records at his home over the past decade.

RightFax address book for accurate fax transmission

Exposing a patient’s medical records to the public, or to any unintended viewers, is a major breach of patient privacy and of HIPAA compliance. Unfortunately, fax security risks continue to plague nearly all providers, insurers, and other firms that still communicate via paper fax. Healthcare organizations and professionals are devoting large amounts of time and resources to HIPAA compliance in the wake of large-scale healthcare reform. Do not let document and PHI exchange threaten your organization’s efforts to remain compliant and in the good graces of HIPAA auditors!

The RightFax fax server is the healthcare industry’s go-to fax solution for HIPAA-compliant document and PHI exchange. Faxing remains a critical part of healthcare workflow and faxing best practices must be set and followed for healthcare organizations to maintain HIPAA compliance. RightFax provides simple out-of-the-box functionalities that would have helped to prevent the document exchange issues that plagued the Oregon provider. One such feature is the RightFax public address book which allows users to add frequent contacts for prompt and accurate fax addressing. With this feature, healthcare providers can rest assured that their fax transmissions are being received by the correct institution. From inherently secure PSTN transmission to encrypted FoIP protocols to local file protection, RightFax supports the security and privacy safeguards every health care organization needs.

RightFax and OCR for Actionable Healthcare Data

Combining the power of OCR and RightFax fax server technology provides almost real-time healthcare data necessary for optimization of healthcare practice management. A recent article on EHRIntelligence.com illustrated the need for actionable real-time data in healthcare. The lack of actionable real time data has left healthcare organizations unable to meet goals as analysis of data is often outdated and leaves organization unable to meet goals and remain competitive. According to David Susskind, VP of Hospitalist Operations at Hospital Physician Partners: “[a] cutting-edge practice management and charge capture tool” were necessary to address the introduction of real time data. ABBYY OCR data capture provides organizations with the tools necessary to improve the effectiveness of care and patient management.

OCR and RightFax for improved healthcare data

RightFax fax server technology provides organizations with a HIPAA compliant document delivery solution that provides OCR technology with a single point for all incoming documents. OCR data capture technology from ABBYY FlexiCapture integrates with RightFax to capture necessary and pertinent fields from incoming documents for population into practice management and EMR / EHR systems. ABBYY FlexiCapture provides automated capture that provides organizations with highly intelligent and accurate capture of data that improves billing processes and ensures that billable services are recorded for payment in a timely manner. ABBYY FlexiCapture provides healthcare organizations the ability to:

  • Automate data processing for exportation into practice management and EMR / EHR systems
  • Reduce claim processing time by 95%
  • Increase cash flow
  • Provide almost real-time, actionable data

ABBYY data capture technology provides healthcare organizations with fast delivery of patient and operational data to improve healthcare decisions and optimize care management. The automation of data capture and population into practice management systems allows organizations the ability to analyze recent processes which is necessary to analyze current practices for the process improvement needed to stay competitive in the healthcare industry.