Announcing ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices!

As resources get tighter and compliance mandates grow, we’re willing to bet your AP department is closely scrutinized with regard to metrics like:

  • Invoice processing time and cost
  • Collection time
  • Invoice visibility
  • Data entry accuracy

Unfortunately, manual data entry is a major obstacle to improving all of the above. For the majority of AP departments not fortunate enough to receive solely EMI/XML invoice, manual processing is painfully slow—and often rather error-prone.

Thankfully, ABBYY has released a new version of its market-leading FlexiCapture application, created to meet the needs of Accounts Payable department straight out of the box, with little to no additional configuration or set-up in most cases.

Take a moment to educate yourself on this exciting offering, and check out the full announcement and invoice capture datasheet now.

Got questions? We’re always happy to chat, so simply drop us a line at your convenience!

Announcement: ABBYY USA Receives HIPAA & SOC 2 Certifications

This week, we wanted to take a break from our ongoing discussion of matters related to RightFax support and share some exciting news from one of our key partners.

ABBYY USA has successfully undergone both HIPAA and SOC 2 audits, and is now officially certified with regard to both standards. The successful audits, conducted by an independent CPA firm, demonstrate ABBYY’s ongoing commitment to combining efficient OCR data capture methods with the highest levels of data security and privacy. These rigorous and industry-standard assessments demonstrate full compliance with applicable portions of the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. They also attest to ABBYY’s development of suitable controls as a service organization, to ensure available and confidential data with full integrity.

So, a hearty “congrats” to our partner for this accomplishment!

ABBYY USA is a Milpitas, CA-based division of Moscow’s ABBYY Software. The company has established itself as one of the most innovative companies in the data capture space. Key enterprise OCR products, such as FlexiCapture and Recognition Server, remain our first choice for business-critical projects in a range of industries—whether healthcare, transportation / logistics, or any number of others.

New Webinar Announcement: OCR for Data Capture Automation in Transportation & Logistics

The last few weeks, we’ve been working hard alongside our friends at ABBYY USA, makers of the extremely popular FlexiCapture OCR software, to produce a webinar on how OCR delivers great results for transportation and logistics firms.

For all who missed the live stream, here’s a quick overview of the key points.

(As a brief background note, ABBYY has been creating cutting-edge technology since 1989 from both its Moscow headquarters and over a dozen other offices worldwide—including Milpitas, CA. Simply put, ABBYY’s objective is to turn information into productivity, and that’s precisely what this webinar featured.)

ABBYY’s and our own experiences have consistently shown that paper slows down shipping workflows. Processes quite often require documents to be printed (or received on paper in the first place), passed around, and manually entered for customs, billing, and other purposes. This sort of workflow is error-prone, slow, and often plagued by duplication of efforts.

The goal of OCR data capture automation is to eliminate the paper. Substantial reductions are always possible, and in some cases, paper can be removed completely. However, as the webinar goes on to explain, the benefits go far beyond a faster and more accurate workflow. For instance, OCR facilitates remote scanning of key documents, so that centralized systems can be accessed and updated from all remote locations.

But it gets better. Once the data have been captured, clients can actually validate critical data against databases and/or customized business rules. For instance, many firms find this functionality helpful for assigning tariff codes, where even a slight error can mean the difference between an uneventful delivery and a severely delayed one. Finally, ABBYY’s data capture software allows data to be exported automatically, e.g., to the Automated Broker Interface or virtually any other electronic destination.

How does this all work in practice? Our friends at ABBYY assembled an excellent demonstration for this webinar, so be sure to visit our videos pages or YouTube channel and see for yourself!

If you’d like to discuss what we cover in the video, request a live demo, find out how to buy FlexiCapture for your organization, or learn more about our automation solutions portfolio, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

RightFax and OCR for Actionable Healthcare Data

Combining the power of OCR and RightFax fax server technology provides almost real-time healthcare data necessary for optimization of healthcare practice management. A recent article on illustrated the need for actionable real-time data in healthcare. The lack of actionable real time data has left healthcare organizations unable to meet goals as analysis of data is often outdated and leaves organization unable to meet goals and remain competitive. According to David Susskind, VP of Hospitalist Operations at Hospital Physician Partners: “[a] cutting-edge practice management and charge capture tool” were necessary to address the introduction of real time data. ABBYY OCR data capture provides organizations with the tools necessary to improve the effectiveness of care and patient management.

OCR and RightFax for improved healthcare data

RightFax fax server technology provides organizations with a HIPAA compliant document delivery solution that provides OCR technology with a single point for all incoming documents. OCR data capture technology from ABBYY FlexiCapture integrates with RightFax to capture necessary and pertinent fields from incoming documents for population into practice management and EMR / EHR systems. ABBYY FlexiCapture provides automated capture that provides organizations with highly intelligent and accurate capture of data that improves billing processes and ensures that billable services are recorded for payment in a timely manner. ABBYY FlexiCapture provides healthcare organizations the ability to:

  • Automate data processing for exportation into practice management and EMR / EHR systems
  • Reduce claim processing time by 95%
  • Increase cash flow
  • Provide almost real-time, actionable data

ABBYY data capture technology provides healthcare organizations with fast delivery of patient and operational data to improve healthcare decisions and optimize care management. The automation of data capture and population into practice management systems allows organizations the ability to analyze recent processes which is necessary to analyze current practices for the process improvement needed to stay competitive in the healthcare industry.

OCR and Network Scanning for Paperless Healthcare Archiving

John Lynn, founder of, maintains that paper will continue to play a roll in healthcare offices for the time being. However, he insists that while paper based processes may persist, organizations should adopt paperless practices such as paperless storage. By leveraging high volume scanning, coupled with OCR document conversion, healthcare organizations can transition to a more paperless office while improving ease of access to information.

OCR for paperless archiving and storage

Healthcare organizations’ front offices are inundated with high volumes of paperwork and storage of said paperwork is costly and difficult to maintain and manage. From patient health records to claims forms, management of these various forms and the ability to quickly access this information is a critical component of quality patient care. By leveraging network scanning and ABBYY Recognition Server OCR conversion technology, organizations can take their paper-based documents and render them completely text-searchable and indexable through conversion to searchable PDF, XML or other formats.

The newly converted, files can be exported to any network folder or electronic storage system to compliment any organization’s existing systems. Files can easily be parsed by searching for appropriate keywords, allowing for increased ease of access to information. ABBYY Recognition Server provides cost-effective, industry-leading OCR conversion that allows organizations to transition to paperless practices, build or optimize existing records and archival practices and improve patient care through improved ease of access to patient health information.