OCR and Network Scanning for Paperless Healthcare Archiving


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: November 15, 2013

John Lynn, founder of HealthcareScene.com, maintains that paper will continue to play a roll in healthcare offices for the time being. However, he insists that while paper based processes may persist, organizations should adopt paperless practices such as paperless storage. By leveraging high volume scanning, coupled with OCR document conversion, healthcare organizations can transition to a more paperless office while improving ease of access to information.

OCR for paperless archiving and storage

Healthcare organizations’ front offices are inundated with high volumes of paperwork and storage of said paperwork is costly and difficult to maintain and manage. From patient health records to claims forms, management of these various forms and the ability to quickly access this information is a critical component of quality patient care. By leveraging network scanning and ABBYY Recognition Server OCR conversion technology, organizations can take their paper-based documents and render them completely text-searchable and indexable through conversion to searchable PDF, XML or other formats.

The newly converted, files can be exported to any network folder or electronic storage system to compliment any organization’s existing systems. Files can easily be parsed by searching for appropriate keywords, allowing for increased ease of access to information. ABBYY Recognition Server provides cost-effective, industry-leading OCR conversion that allows organizations to transition to paperless practices, build or optimize existing records and archival practices and improve patient care through improved ease of access to patient health information.

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