US Secretary of Defense Office Suffers Weeks of Fax Downtime


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Posted on: November 15, 2013

Last month, the Office of the Secretary of Defense fax machine failed. The fax machine failure had far reaching effects as fax served as the primary method for requesting Freedom of Information Act documents. As of September 17th, there was a substantial backlog of information requests numbering in the thousands with an estimated downtime of a couple of weeks to two months. Organizations who rely on fax as a mission critical application should stop and seriously think about investing in digital fax solutions that leverage multiple points of failure to ensure operational continuity.

Fax server redundancy avoids headaches caused by down-time

Redundancy should be heavily considered with each fax deployment. Organizations who use fax on a daily basis to receive orders, process invoices or any other mission critical paperwork cannot afford to suffer any down-time as it can have a negative effect on revenue streams and customer relations. RightFax is a fully scalable and customizable digital fax solution that can be retrofitted to accommodate the diverse infrastructural needs of an organization. With that comes various types of redundant configurations, such as:

  • Mirrored Redundancy – Production RightFax license at production location with non-production RightFax license at back-up site with SQL / NAS synchronization
  • Split Redundancy – Equal distribution of active RightFax licenses between production location and disaster recovery site with SQL / NAS synchronization
  • Cloud-based Redundancy – Provides back up channel capacity in the cloud. If RightFax is down, customers can still receive and manage faxes via web-browser

RightFax can be deployed in a variety of redundant configurations with varying levels of redundancy to accommodate the diverse needs and requirements for critical application fail-over. Do not suffer the downtime, operational inefficiency and embarrassment felt by the Secretary of Defense Office. Ensure that your mission critical fax system is prepared for any unscheduled calamity and ensure business continuity by deploying redundant digital fax solutions

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