RightFax Use Case: Large Community Medical Center

RightFax remains the de facto fax solution within healthcare given its wide array of features, functionalities and native integrations to EMR / EHR systems. For these reasons, a large scale community medical center transitioned to RightFax in mid-2013. Prior to implementing RightFax, the medical center was using multifunction devices within their various departments and back offices. The emergence of HIPAA and the cost associated with fax-enabling their MFD / MFP (multi-function printer) fleet led them to search for a more cost-effective, compliant and secure method of document distribution. Security was a primary concern, as paper faxes pose a profound compliance risk, and even electronic data (if not properly encrypted), can be a major liability.

After a year of RightFax use, the medical center is thrilled with its investment. RightFax has been integrated with the EMR and email systems for automated faxing and a user-friendly workflow. RightFax integration has also fax-enabled the MFD fleet, thus leveraging their existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of buying fax kits for those devices. According to one network admin, “RightFax has served as a big win for us. It’s a high visibility project that addresses both compliance demands and saves us a bunch of money. Not to mention, it makes things easy for me and my team to manage.”

More and more hospitals, clinics and medical centers are transitioning from traditional faxing methods to RightFax fax server technology. RightFax is suitable for organizations of any nature and size, and can plug into diverse sets of existing infrastructure through various available APIs. Do not waste time; schedule a free RightFax consultation with the experts at MyPaperlessFax today!

RightFax 10.6: FIPS Compliance Support

RightFax 10.6 is fully FIPS compliant for governmental agencies

Regulatory compliance standards remain a major consideration for all organizations, no matter the industry. RightFax has served as the go-to-solution for compliant document exchange in healthcare, finance and legal industry. With the release of RightFax 10.6, the fax server solution now supports Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), providing a high level of security and compliance for government organizations.

RightFax 10.6 is fully compliant with US FIPS regulations. Compliance with FIPS is a standard, out-of-the-box feature of RightFax 10.6 with no administrator action necessary. Implement or upgrade to RightFax 10.6 to ensure your FIPS compliance of document delivery.

RightFax 10.6: Encryption Module

Last week, our series introducing the various new features of RightFax 10.6 centered largely on new compatibility features. This week, we will take a look at the newly instituted Security and Compliance features such as the new RightFax Encryption Module.

RightFax continues to provide best-of-breed fax server technology that streamlines document exchange in combination with a high-level of security that supports various compliance standards such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

RightFax Encryption Module provides for added security

The Encryption Module is a brand new module released by OpenText that further strengthens information security and compliance efforts. The Encryption Module is available on all version 10.6 server license types as an optional module. The RightFax Encryption Module extends the following features:

  • Encrypt all fax images stored in the RightFax image directory
  • Encrypts all data at rest with Triple DES 192-bit security
  • Tracking of all authorized access
  • Denies all unauthorized access

The Encryption Module serves as the latest addition to the RightFax security and compliance features. With the new module, all data at rest is encrypted with full tracking of access to the encrypted files. Leverage the encryption module to ensure that all your data is secure and accounted for.

Fax Practices Leave One Amazon Customer Out in the Cold

Fax troubles cause Amazon to cancel a $6,000 software order and leave one customer thoroughly unsatisfied, according to the Consumerist. When fax is a mission critical operation, as it often is industries such as healthcare, retail or government, successful fax transmission and receipt is of great importance. Any gap or barrier to communication can leave an organization’s customers and partners out in the cold.

Poor fax practices leads to customer outrage

An Amazon customer and Consumerist reader recently purchased $6,000 worth of software from the retail giant. Her purchase could not be verified and Amazon requested that she fax Amazon sensitive banking documentation to verify her purchase. She did so and reluctantly continued to do so on multiple occasions per Amazon’s requests. Amazon provided no confirmation of receiving her fax, leaving the customer concerned of the safety of her confidential information and thoroughly unsatisfied with the retailer. Without sufficient information from Amazon regarding the handling of her sensitive information, the customer was forced to cancel her bank account. The customer never received the software she purchased.

Do not allow poor fax practices to drag your organization or business down. By implementing RightFax, as over 90% Fortune 100 companies have already done so, your customers and partners will never suffer headaches as a result of your fax correspondence. RightFax provides organizations with many tools and features that ensure successful communication, tracking of information and improved customer and partner satisfaction. These features include:

  • Failed fax notifications
  • Full audit trail of fax and user activity
  • Redundancy options to ensure single point of fax failure does not disrupt channels of communication
  • Customizable user permissions to ensure fax confidentiality

These are just a few of the many features of RightFax users leverage to ensure customer and partner satisfaction. While Amazon ultimately refunded the disgruntled customer’s money and provided a $100 gift certificate, the damage had already been done. Don’t allow poor fax practices to come between your organization and your customer base. Invest in a RightFax system and ensure customer and partner satisfaction through reliable and tested document delivery.

US Secretary of Defense Office Suffers Weeks of Fax Downtime

Last month, the Office of the Secretary of Defense fax machine failed. The fax machine failure had far reaching effects as fax served as the primary method for requesting Freedom of Information Act documents. As of September 17th, there was a substantial backlog of information requests numbering in the thousands with an estimated downtime of a couple of weeks to two months. Organizations who rely on fax as a mission critical application should stop and seriously think about investing in fax servers that leverage multiple points of failure to ensure operational continuity.

Fax server redundancy avoids headaches caused by down-time

Redundancy should be heavily considered with each fax server deployment. Organizations who use fax on a daily basis to receive orders, process invoices or any other mission critical paperwork cannot afford to suffer any down-time as it can have a negative effect on revenue streams and customer relations. RightFax is a fully scalable and customizable fax server solution that can be retrofitted to accommodate the diverse infrastructural needs of an organization. With that comes various types of redundant configurations, such as:

  • Mirrored Redundancy – Production RightFax server at production location with Non-Production RightFax server at back-up site with SQL / NAS synchronization
  • Split Redundancy – Equal distribution of active RightFax server and software licenses between production location and disaster recovery site with SQL / NAS synchronization
  • Cloud-based Redundancy – Provides back up channel capacity in the cloud. If RightFax server is down, organizations can still receive and manage faxes via web-browser

RightFax can be deployed in a variety of redundant configurations with varying levels of redundancy to accommodate the diverse needs and requirements for critical application fail-over. Do not suffer the downtime, operational inefficiency and embarrassment felt by the Secretary of Defense Office. Ensure that your mission critical fax system is prepared for any unscheduled calamity and ensure business continuity by deploying redundant fax server solutions