Fax Practices Leave One Amazon Customer Out in the Cold


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Posted on: November 15, 2013

Fax troubles cause Amazon to cancel a $6,000 software order and leave one customer thoroughly unsatisfied, according to the Consumerist. When fax is a mission critical operation, as it often is industries such as healthcare, retail or government, successful fax transmission and receipt is of great importance. Any gap or barrier to communication can leave an organization’s customers and partners out in the cold.

Poor fax practices leads to customer outrage

An Amazon customer and Consumerist reader recently purchased $6,000 worth of software from the retail giant. Her purchase could not be verified and Amazon requested that she fax Amazon sensitive banking documentation to verify her purchase. She did so and reluctantly continued to do so on multiple occasions per Amazon’s requests. Amazon provided no confirmation of receiving her fax, leaving the customer concerned of the safety of her confidential information and thoroughly unsatisfied with the retailer. Without sufficient information from Amazon regarding the handling of her sensitive information, the customer was forced to cancel her bank account. The customer never received the software she purchased.

Do not allow poor fax practices to drag your organization or business down. By implementing RightFax, as over 90% Fortune 100 companies have already done so, your customers and partners will never suffer headaches as a result of your fax correspondence. RightFax provides organizations with many tools and features that ensure successful communication, tracking of information and improved customer and partner satisfaction. These features include:

  • Failed fax notifications
  • Full audit trail of fax and user activity
  • Redundancy options to ensure single point of fax failure does not disrupt channels of communication
  • Customizable user permissions to ensure fax confidentiality

These are just a few of the many features of RightFax users leverage to ensure customer and partner satisfaction. While Amazon ultimately refunded the disgruntled customer’s money and provided a $100 gift certificate, the damage had already been done. Don’t allow poor fax practices to come between your organization and your customer base. Invest in a RightFax system and ensure customer and partner satisfaction through reliable and tested document delivery.

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