RightFax As A Tool For A Paperless Office


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: November 15, 2013

RightFax is a powerful tool to transition to a paperless office

RightFax has been pegged by PC World as a tool to transition to a paperless office in their recent Ultimate Guide to The Paperless Office. While transitioning to paperless office practices can be met with some trepidation, going paperless provides a host of benefits including improved cost-savings and informational security.

RightFax provides users with multiple incoming and outgoing fax transmission methods such as email-client integration or web-client interface. RightFax’s diverse transmission configurations eliminate or reduce papers role in the faxing process. The reduction of paper in the faxing process, as well as other items commonly associated with printing such as toner, can lead to drastic cost savings and quick return on investment. Transitioning away from paper faxing also improves security and compliance efforts. RightFax simplifies tracking and management of all fax transmissions to ensure that you never lose a fax again! Implement RightFax and reap the benefits from transitioning to a 21st Century, digital office.

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