RightFax 10.6 Out Now!


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: November 15, 2013

RightFax, the world-wide market leading digital fax solution, gets a face-lift with the upcoming release of RightFax 10.6. RightFax users have come to expect best-of-breed faxing that continue to provide for the ever-growing demands of various industries and the diverse organizations within them. The latest version does just that as it continues to adapt and accommodate to document delivery demands through the extension of new features and functionalities, including:

For the next three weeks, MyPaperlessFax will focus on one version update with each upcoming entry to shine a light to illustrate how RightFax 10.6 improves compatibility, compliance and security, enterprise deployment and administration. Version 10.6 is available in in Q4 of 2013.

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