RightFax 10.6: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: January 7, 2014

RightFax has always provided administrators with tools to aid in the roll out and management of RightFax on workstations across the enterprise. Prior versions have included “silent” installs of RightFax clients. RightFax 10.6 now supports Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, or Microsoft SCCM. If you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to update workstations, you now have the ability to install RightFax clients, such as FaxUtil, using the SCCM.

Well, what’s the benefit of this? To start, it provides administrators with tool for simple management of enterprise roll-outs. Using SCCM grants the administrator control over the specific configurations of RightFax to be installed on the workstation. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager support accelerates patch and update roll-outs to keep your organization up to date on the latest software improvements.

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