RightFax 10.6: Collective Environment Updates


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: December 6, 2013

RightFax Collective environments serve as a great way for organizations to ensure business continuity in the event of server failure. RightFax 10.6 now supports new features that make collective environments more stable and easier for administrators to manage. With RightFax 10.6, organizations can leverage up to 12 application servers running in one collective. Versions 10.5 and earlier could only maintain up to 4. The added server support allows for very large, scaled fax server environments for improved disaster recovery and limited down time.

Version 10.6 not only improves the fax servers disaster recovery capabilities, but it also allows for simplified management and implementation of collective server environments. In past versions of RightFax, installation of software onto a collective environment would require manual installation of the software onto each of the various applications server within the collective. The process was time consuming and prone to human error.

With 10.6, an improved Shared Services component allows one-time installation of software. After installation, the software would be copied across the multiple servers for one-time installation. Therefore, installation and management of collective environments is much simpler.

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