RightFax Use Case: Large Community Medical Center


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Posted on: April 3, 2014

RightFax remains the de facto fax solution within healthcare given its wide array of features, functionalities and native integrations to EMR / EHR systems. For these reasons, a large scale community medical center transitioned to RightFax in mid-2013. Prior to implementing RightFax, the medical center was using multifunction devices within their various departments and back offices. The emergence of HIPAA and the cost associated with fax-enabling their MFD / MFP (multi-function printer) fleet led them to search for a more cost-effective, compliant and secure method of document distribution. Security was a primary concern, as paper faxes pose a profound compliance risk, and even electronic data (if not properly encrypted), can be a major liability.

After a year of RightFax use, the medical center is thrilled with its investment. RightFax has been integrated with the EMR and email systems for automated faxing and a user-friendly workflow. RightFax integration has also fax-enabled the MFD fleet, thus leveraging their existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of buying fax kits for those devices. According to one network admin, “RightFax has served as a big win for us. It’s a high visibility project that addresses both compliance demands and saves us a bunch of money. Not to mention, it makes things easy for me and my team to manage.”

More and more hospitals, clinics and medical centers are transitioning from traditional faxing methods to RightFax fax server technology. RightFax is suitable for organizations of any nature and size, and can plug into diverse sets of existing infrastructure through various available APIs. Do not waste time; schedule a free RightFax consultation with the experts at MyPaperlessFax today!

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