Presumably, your RightFax support provider has kept you abreast of OpenText’s Sustaining Maintenance schedule. These dates are critical for administrators to understand, so let’s take a moment to review their support implications.

First of all, Sustaining Maintenance does not mean your RightFax license will cease functioning. Rather, it means OpenText will no longer created updates, patches, hot fixes, and so forth. As a strictly hypothetical example, if a Windows update caused issues with the print-to-fax functionality in an Sustaining Maintenance version of RightFax, then users of that version would probably not receive an official solution from OpenText.

Likewise, without recourse to the manufacturer, your RightFax support partner can offer only “best-effort” support. Consequently, we strongly urge our clients to take advantage of the upgrade access to which their support contracts entitle them.

Although the current version of RightFax is 10.6, all versions 10.0 and later are currently supported. Please refer to the following schedule for an overview of RightFax support Sustaining Maintenance dates:


Version Status Sustaining Maintenance Date
10.6 Current TBA (5 yearsfrom release of subsequent version)
10.5 Supported November 11, 2016
10.0 Supported July 17, 2015
9.4 Sustaining Maintenance June 30, 2014
9.3 Sustaining Maintenance December 31, 2011
9.0 Sustaining Maintenance October 1, 2009
8.7 Sustaining Maintenance September 1, 2008
8.5 Sustaining Maintenance February 17, 2006
8.0 Sustaining Maintenance September 30, 2004
7.2 Sustaining Maintenance August 31, 2003
7.0 Sustaining Maintenance October 31, 2002
6.0 & earlier Sustaining Maintenance June 30, 2000


Even if your prior version of RightFax is still supported, there are a number of benefits to be gained from upgrading to 10.6, such as:

  • Easier hosted telecom integration via RightFax Connect cloud technology
  • Compatibility with the latest Office products, including the 2013 editions of Exchange and SharePoint
  • Updated connectors for ERP and MFP integration
  • Numerous enterprise-oriented features for easier server collective set-up and administration

Please contact us today to confirm your current RightFax support status and license info, and to discuss if/when your organization can benefit from an upgrade to version 10.6.