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Posted on: November 14, 2013

An increasing trend in Healthcare IT seen by HIT professionals across the industry has been an emphasis on document security. While the HITECH Act of 2009 made strides to strengthen the security of Patient Health Information (PHI), patient records and information remain susceptible to breaches of confidentiality. Distribution of patient health information between providers, pharmacies, and insurers in no different. Today, fax remains the low common denominator when it comes to document and information exchange. Yet traditional fax is inherently flawed when addressing information exchange because there is no way to designate or specify who is handling patient information after the fax is printed on the fax machine.

RightFax for HIE solution

RightFax is specifically designed to maintain the highest levels of document security. RightFax helps healthcare organizations securely send and receive faxes while securing PHI to those that should see this information, eliminating unauthorized viewing of PHI. RightFax is the worldwide market-leading digital fax solution because it couples the security of traditional fax (fax is inherently secure, and a fax is not going to be intercepted by a hacker) with a high degree of auditability. Organizations who use RightFax with Epic, NextGen, Cerner, or other healthcare IT applications are able to realize:

  • Full Control of RightFax User Permissions: RightFax Administrators grant users specific permissions, effectively controlling access to PHI, and determining who can see which fax queues, and what they are able to view (in example, viewing the first page only instead of the entire fax)
  • EMR / EHR Integrations: RightFax provides rock solid integrations with organization’s health record management applications, eliminating the need to print paper documents which would otherwise be easily misplaced or lost
  • Certified Delivery Options: RightFax sends and receives faxes, and also securely send documents and files in their native format (PDF, Word, database, etc). The sender would then receive a notification indicating that the file has been viewed, printed, or downloaded by the recipient
  • Audit Capabilities: Centralized, comprehensive, and electronic audit trails of all sent and received faxes, SMS messages, and Certified Document Delivery

Deploying RightFax is perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase fax document security for organizations. RightFax allows for full control of PHI that is sent or received via fax, SMS, or RightFax’s Certified Delivery Options. Organizations can add a high degree of security over who can see the content of sent and received faxes, or who can annotate and delete a fax message. Organizations with RightFax can be assured that received faxes containing PHI will always be delivered to the intended recipient, every time. Eliminating fax machines and migrating to RightFax reduces the worry around securing PHI, improving HIPAA compliance, all while strengthening the patient-provider-payer relationship.

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