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Posted on: November 14, 2013

ABBYY Recognition Server is an OCR (optical character recognition) software solution that can effectively leverage your RightFax and SharePoint investments to greatly improve document archival and retrieval practices. If you currently suffer from:

  • Misplaced or misfiled documents
  • High administrative costs for storage of paper files
  • Lost time spent tracking down files

ABBYY Recognition Software will improve the efficiency of your document management processes.

Recognition Server maximizes your RightFax and SharePoint investment

Let’s assume that most of your organization’s incoming documents (invoices, employee records, contracts) are received as faxes, via RightFax. Incoming files are delivered to the digital fax solution and received either by email client or a network folder. Recognition Server will pick up the image file (TIFF, PDF, JPG, etc.) from either the email account or a network folder and automatically create fully-searchable text file (Searchable PDF, RTF, XLS, XML, etc.) for that document. Any additional indexing information can be indexed if you so choose. After Recognition Server performs the OCR, it will export the file to SharePoint automatically as a fully-searchable text document for search and retrieval.

Leveraging Recognition Server will increase workflow efficiency by:

  • Automatically delivering paper and image documents with metadata into SharePoint eliminating misplaced or misfiled documents
  • Make the content of scanned documents fully searchable
  • Brings consistency in capture, storage, and management of documents
  • Archiving files digitally for easy, enterprise-wide search and retrieval

ABBYY OCR technology can also take any existing files within SharePoint and make them fully searchable and indexable using ABBYY IFilter. The IFilter works hand in hand with the SharePoint library. IFilter communicates with SharePoint and any file within the library that is unsearchable will be sent to IFilter for creation of a text file. Now, when a user then performs a search for a particular keyword within SharePoint, the corresponding image file will be presented in its original form with a layered text-file for indexing and searching purposes.

However the benefits of Recognition Server are not restricted to the aforementioned workflow. Organizations not using RightFax or SharePoint can still benefit from the OCR technology. ABBYY Recognition Server can generate fully searchable text based off of any scanned image and can be exported to any Enterprise Content Management software by exporting to either a local folder that is synced to the cloud or to a network folder. Recognition Server is a very flexible solution that can accommodate any of your organization’s pre-existing workflows.

A demonstration of Recognition Server within a RightFax and SharePoint environment can be found here, and we encourage you to contact Paperless Productivity® for a live demonstration built around your unique workflow.

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