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Posted on: November 14, 2013

RightFax 10.5 offers organizations a multitude of utilities to manage their fax environment. RightFax contains a GUI-based reporting system called FaxReporter which uses Crystal Reports to generate the most frequently requested reports. However, for more in depth data reports, organizations use the RightFax FaxDump utility. FaxDump facilitates reporting through the command line utility FaxDump.exe. FaxDump is a RightFax Administrator Tool that can be found at \\rightfax\AdminUtils\Faxdump.exe on the RightFax application server.

RightFax stores audit log information in a SQL Database throughout multiple SQL data tables. The RightFax FaxDump utility extracts the data from the SQL Database and outputs that data into a CSV file for use by user, administrators, or back-end systems. Some of the data points include information such as:

  • Number of faxes sent or received by a RightFax User
  • Number of faxes sent or received by RightFax Group or Department
  • Number of pages per fax
  • Date and time of each fax that was sent or received
  • Fax cover sheet information

The table below provides a complete listing of the various command line options for FileDump and their corresponding functions.

FaxDump is a command-line utility for fax auditing

By leveraging RightFax FaxDump, clients are able to run reports via Crystal Reports, Excel, Pinnacle or other reporting systems. This data can then in turn be used for provide an organization information to help facilitate cost recovery. “FaxDumped” data can also be ingested into healthcare organizations’ EMR applications such as NextGen, Epic, and Cerner. Administrators can leverage this data to provide many benefits for their organization, including:

  • Cost Recovery
    • Organizations can accurately allocate expenses associated with RightFax for all users or departments
    • Appropriate distribution of costs across the enterprise can free resources within department budgets for upcoming projects
  • RightFax Environment Planning
    • Reporting can help organizations determine if the organization might need more fax capacity

FaxDump is just one of many valuable tools for any organization using RightFax. Administrators with complete, up-to-date fax data at their disposal can maximize the productivity of their system as well as facilitate operational efforts across their organization.

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