The Road to a Paperless Office


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: November 14, 2013

Businesses that seek to adopt paperless office practices run into a series of challenges. Whether it is an office-culture unwilling to change or clients and suppliers reluctant to hop on the band wagon, many obstacles remain in front of paperless initiatives.

However, some business leaders believe this aversion to change may shift with a younger generation entering the workforce. Such a shift in attitude may be critical. Industries with paper intensive workflows can see paper expenses reach well above six figures. In times of economic uncertainty such as these, going paperless may be the answer to question of how to remain viable.

Adoption of paperless office culture can lead to increase in market position

Businesses moving to paperless processes cuts operation costs, and according to some, may increase their place within the market. Cloud computing and other technologies, such as fax-over-IP, serve as allies in the fight to rid the office of paper. Offices should leverage these technologies to drive paperless initiatives.

While taking your entire enterprise paperless may not be a feasible proposition, many have found success in starting with paper intensive departments such as:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Processing
  • Purchasing
  • Operations

The implementation of paperless technologies in the workforce has seen considerable growth and success within the healthcare industry as electronic medical records software and digital fax distribution have rendered many hospitals and clinics paperless.

The move to a paperless office provides many benefits that cannot be ignored. Increased worker efficiency through automation of processes coupled with decreased operational expenses can provide a road to navigate out of these economic troubles. Paperless Productivity President Shamel Naguib spoke to the Connecticut Green Guide, a publication of the Hartford Business Journal, about adoption of paperless business practices and the various corresponding benefits. The road to a truly paperless solution can be bumpy, but the destination is well worth the drive.

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