OCR Technology Used to Uncover Baseball’s Hidden Past


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: November 14, 2013

By employing OCR technology, amateur baseball historian Jim Block attempts to answer the question of baseball’s origins. For years, many have ultimately questioned the posited origins of baseball and Jim block has devoted countless years trying to discover the game’s true history. Jim would scour libraries for 18th century journals and newspapers of the day to discover any mention of the word baseball. The work required countless hours and considerable attention to detail that made the process long-winded and laborious. But, “about seven years ago, Block struck gold when libraries began scanning documents with optical character recognition software, called OCR. Block could search lots of old books and newspapers without flipping the pages, and in some cases, without leaving home.”

As Jim benefited from the efficiency gains of OCR document conversion technologies, these vary same benefits can be extended to your organization. OCR document conversion solutions, like ABBYY Recognition Server transform text based paper and digital files and make the entire contents searchable by converting into searchable PDF format for business processes such as archiving and enterprise search. ABBYY Recognition Server performs automated OCR that drastically increase productivity and reduce costs while integrating with applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Enterprise Search. Easily sift through large volumes of documents with ABBYY Recognition Server and never lose a document again!

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