Healthcare Cloud Comfort with RightFax Connect


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Posted on: November 14, 2013

Healthcare IT professionals used to look at cloud-based applications with trepidation. While cloud technology roared in other industries, healthcare executives feared that transmission of data outside of internal systems would mark a breach in security of PHI. However healthcare organizations have been looking to the cloud in increasing numbers as evidenced by Cerner owning 10% of the EMR market-share. While Ken Congdon of Healthcare Technology Online indicates that this might be due to budget limitations and meaningful use requirements, one cannot argue that the cloud is here to stay in healthcare.

RightFax Connect combines features of RightFax with ease and cost of the cloud

Applications such as Cerner have gained widespread acceptance within the industry due to the cloud’s provision of fluidity of data necessary for the information exchange critical to meaningful use. RightFax Connect is one such cloud-based application that provides healthcare organizations with a cost-effective and easy to manage healthcare information exchange tool. RightFax Connect combines the best-of-breed functionalities, stability and security of RightFax with the ease and and access granted by cloud-technologies. RightFax Connect provides healthcare organizations with a fully-HIPAA compliant document distribution solution, at a fraction of the cost of traditional, in-house RightFax servers.

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