RightFax and ABBYY OCR Bridge the EMR Collaboration Gap


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Posted on: November 14, 2013

RightFax paired with ABBYY OCR software effectively bridges the technology gap between EMR system providers.  The post-HITECH world has been marked by hospitals and clinics doling out big bucks to chase the carrot of government subsidies granted by demonstration of meaningful use.  As such, IT decision makers are purchasing EMR software, such as Epic, Cerner, and NextGen at a rapid rate.  However the rise in EMR software sales has coincided with a rise in end-user dissatisfaction.

The criticisms directed toward the EMR software developers rests largely on frustrations based upon closed system formatting and lack of industry-wide development standards. These frustrations include:

Fax and OCR integration facilitates inexpensive and efficient communication between EMR systems

  • Lack of coordination between EMR systems
  • Inability to communicate and share information between providers and insurers
  • EMR integration with clinical and billing software is difficult and costly
  • Health Level 7 communication protocol, which provides framework for communication between hospitals requires inefficient coordination between each party
  • Lack of systems coordination demands increased labor costs due to manual data entry

RightFax and ABBYY OCR technology are two examples of two software applications that help hospitals leverage EMR technology to serve as a bridge between hospitals and other medical organizations such as clinics, insurers, and government agencies, or to easily capture documents and data requiring entry between two or more disparate systems within a single organization. RightFax digital fax solutions integrate with Epic, Cerner, NextGen, and other leading EMR software systems, providing many benefits for end users:

  • Facilitates quick and efficient transfer of PHI between EMR environments, departments, and facilities
  • Drastically reduce labor and operational costs by eliminating manual data entry into EMR systems
  • HIPAA compliant transfer of information such as prescriptions, lab results, and referrals
  • Coupled with OCR technology, such as ABBYY, facilitates complete control of processes without reliance on coordination between organizations or systems
  • With RightFax and OCR technology, EMR users can fax PHI and receive inbound faxes and completely automate the process of manual data entry without third-party collaboration
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