RightFax Integrates with MediTech


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: February 28, 2014

RightFax, the market leading fax server technology and the predominant within the healthcare faxing industry integrates with EMR and EHR applications to deliver best of breed document distribution for healthcare providers and payers. RightFax integrates with MediTech EHR, extending the power and stability of the RightFax platform to MediTech users.

With the healthcare industry subject to increasing compliance demands, organizations must look to a document distribution solution that:

  • Securely distributes PHI
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of fax activity

RightFax provides providers, payers and suppliers the tools necessary to comply with HIPAA regulations. RightFax in an inherently secure platform with encryption options available and grants administrators the tools necessary to have a full audit log of fax activity. The fax server is much more than a way for MediTech users to distribute PHI securely. By integrating MediTech with RightFax, organizations can expect to:

  • Fax directly from MediTech EMR
  • Customize inbound fax routing to email, network folder or web-client
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper faxing
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Management of phonebook contacts

Integrating with RightFax allows MediTech users to not only stay in compliance with federal regulations, but it allows healthcare organizations to cut costs and streamline existing fax practices. Simply put, RightFax allows healthcare organizations to focus less on menial administrative tasks and focus on patient oriented care.

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