RightFax 10.6: Updated RightFax Admin Dashboard


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: January 17, 2014

RightFax 10.6 provides administrators many tools to simplify management of their RightFax environments. We have touched on the tools that help administrators roll out RightFax across the enterprise. The RightFax Admin Dashboard, however, eases the task of administering a RightFax environment. The RightFax Admin Dashboard allows administrators the ability to monitor the activity of a RightFax environment across the enterprise. No matter if you have a single server, or a 4 server collective, the Admin Dashboard gives administrators a single utility to assist in management of the fax server. With the updated Dashboard, administrators can:

  • Monitor fax channel distributed use across a period of time
  • Assess fax volume over a certain time period
  • Gauge how many CPU cycles are spinning and how much hard drive is being utilized on a given server
  • Monitor work requests, DocTransports, and Local WorkServers

Using the Admin Dash facilitates easy management of the market leading fax server. The Admin Dash is also available within the web-client which makes checking and monitoring the RightFax environment as easy as opening a web-browser, allowing administrators the luxury of managing the environment from their home, a coffee shop or the beach!

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