RightFax 10.6: Updated RightFax Admin Dashboard

RightFax 10.6 provides administrators many tools to simplify management of their RightFax environments. We have touched on the tools that help administrators roll out RightFax across the enterprise. The RightFax Admin Dashboard, however, eases the task of administering a RightFax environment. The RightFax Admin Dashboard allows administrators the ability to monitor the activity of a RightFax environment across the enterprise. No matter if you have a single server, or a 4 server collective, the Admin Dashboard gives administrators a single utility to assist in management of the fax server. With the updated Dashboard, administrators can:

  • Monitor fax channel distributed use across a period of time
  • Assess fax volume over a certain time period
  • Gauge how many CPU cycles are spinning and how much hard drive is being utilized on a given server
  • Monitor work requests, DocTransports, and Local WorkServers

Using the Admin Dash facilitates easy management of the market leading fax server. The Admin Dash is also available within the web-client which makes checking and monitoring the RightFax environment as easy as opening a web-browser, allowing administrators the luxury of managing the environment from their home, a coffee shop or the beach!

RightFax 10.6: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

RightFax has always provided administrators with tools to aid in the roll out and management of RightFax on workstations across the enterprise. Prior versions have included “silent” installs of RightFax clients. RightFax 10.6 now supports Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, or Microsoft SCCM. If you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to update workstations, you now have the ability to install RightFax clients, such as FaxUtil, using the SCCM.

Well, what’s the benefit of this? To start, it provides administrators with tool for simple management of enterprise roll-outs. Using SCCM grants the administrator control over the specific configurations of RightFax to be installed on the workstation. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager support accelerates patch and update roll-outs to keep your organization up to date on the latest software improvements.

RightFax 10.6: RightFax Vault

Continuing our introduction of the new features of RightFax 10.6, the RightFax Vault serves as the final installment of compliance features. RightFax Vault is an add-on connector for RightFax environments. The connector provides flexible, reliable and efficient archiving capabilities. Based on the OpenText Alchemy product line, Vault provides administrators a powerful and dynamic tool to establish consistent archiving practices.

The RightFax Vault Connector allows administrators and users to establish archiving rules to control how different faxes are treated. The connector allows the establishment of parameters of when and how faxes are archived. The connector is scalable and grants organization’s the ability to establish various archiving processes across the enterprise through the creation of business-unit specific archiving processes. Now each business unit will have the freedom to institute their own practices!

RightFax 10.6 Out Now!

RightFax, the world-wide market leading fax server solution, gets a face-lift with the upcoming release of RightFax 10.6. RightFax users have come to expect best-of-breed fax server solutions that continue to provide for the ever-growing demands of various industries and the diverse organizations within them. The latest version does just that as it continues to adapt and accommodate to document delivery demands through the extension of new features and functionalities, including:

For the next three weeks, MyPaperlessFax will focus on one version update with each upcoming entry to shine a light to illustrate how RightFax 10.6 improves compatibility, compliance and security, enterprise deployment and administration. Version 10.6 is available in in Q4 of 2013.

RightFax Auditing Using RightFax FaxDump

RightFax 10.5 offers organizations a multitude of utilities to manage their fax environment. RightFax contains a GUI-based reporting system called FaxReporter which uses Crystal Reports to generate the most frequently requested reports. However, for more in depth data reports, organizations use the RightFax FaxDump utility. FaxDump facilitates reporting through the command line utility FaxDump.exe. FaxDump is a RightFax Administrator Tool that can be found at \\rightfax\AdminUtils\Faxdump.exe on the RightFax application server.

RightFax stores audit log information in a SQL Database throughout multiple SQL data tables. The RightFax FaxDump utility extracts the data from the SQL Database and outputs that data into a CSV file for use by user, administrators, or back-end systems. Some of the data points include information such as:

  • Number of faxes sent or received by a RightFax User
  • Number of faxes sent or received by RightFax Group or Department
  • Number of pages per fax
  • Date and time of each fax that was sent or received
  • Fax cover sheet information

The table below provides a complete listing of the various command line options for FileDump and their corresponding functions.

FaxDump is a command-line utility for fax auditing

By leveraging RightFax FaxDump, clients are able to run reports via Crystal Reports, Excel, Pinnacle or other reporting systems. This data can then in turn be used for provide an organization information to help facilitate cost recovery. “FaxDumped” data can also be ingested into healthcare organizations’ EMR applications such as NextGen, Epic, and Cerner. Administrators can leverage this data to provide many benefits for their organization, including:

  • Cost Recovery
    • Organizations can accurately allocate expenses associated with RightFax for all users or departments
    • Appropriate distribution of costs across the enterprise can free resources within department budgets for upcoming projects
  • RightFax Environment Planning
    • Reporting can help organizations determine if the organization might need more fax capacity

FaxDump is just one of many valuable tools for any organization using RightFax. Administrators with complete, up-to-date fax data at their disposal can maximize the productivity of their system as well as facilitate operational efforts across their organization.