Common RightFax Support Questions: What Is a Remote Board Server?


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Posted on: November 6, 2014

Cloud faxing solutions like RightFax Connect are rapidly gaining in popularity. However, many users are still running in-house fax servers, but turning to virtualization to reduce administrative burden while increasing recovery capabilities. And as virtual servers have become more common, RightFax functionalities have grown right along with them.

IT departments frequently prefer to virtualize RightFax even though the telecom team requires physical, in-house telephony (whether traditional or IP-based). The Remote Board Server/Remote DocTransport Server (RBS/RDS) is a clever way to support such a configuration, by bridging the gap between a virtual machine and physical fax board. Likewise, even if using Fax-over-IP (FoIP), a RBS will also connect RightFax to the the FoIP licenses (which are effectively a virtual fax board). However, please note that the Business and Branch Office editions of RightFax do not support a RBS; this is available only in the Enterprise, Enterprise Suite, and Enterprise Integration licenses.

The RBS setup process is not terribly complicated, but given that it’s usually part of a deployment or major upgrade, working with your RightFax support provider will ensure a quick and reliable configuration. Your RightFax support partner will provide critical guidance on registry backup, dialing rules setup, SQL connections, and other best practices for a robust digital fax solution. Notably, there are also some major administrative differences between RBS controls in RightFax 10.5 and previous versions, so even those with prior experience managing a RBS will do well to consult with a professional (as is recommended for all upgrades).

For timely assistance with RBS configuration, upgrades to a virtualization-ready RightFax license, or other matters of RightFax support, please contact us today.

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