Is RightFax Still the Leading Enterprise Fax Solution in 2024?


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: February 3, 2024

In 2024, OpenText RightFax is the leading fax solution for the enterprise market. Its long-standing reputation, flexible architecture, robust security, and extensive support have cemented its position in compliance-heavy sectors like healthcare and finance.

We believe RightFax will remain the first choice of enterprises aiming to digitize their paper-centric communications.

An established leader

RightFax can be cost-effective for smaller organizations and branch offices, but enterprises remain its core user base. Ever since its release in the early 1990s, it has prioritized sophisticated telecom capabilities, complex security implementations, and broad third-party integrations.

OpenText eventually acquired Captaris as well as two competitors—EasyLink and XMedius—further consolidating its fax server leadership while expanding its cloud offerings.

Today, RightFax customers span all industries, but the solution is the most visible in healthcare. It boasts native integrations with major EMR/EHR vendors (including Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH) while supporting more secure and efficient faxing for the 7 out of 10 hospitals that still send or receive paper summary of care records.

Modern enterprise architecture

Fax itself is by no means disappearing. As always, it’s well understood, highly secure, and simply trusted.

That said, fax implementation is changing rapidly. Modern workflow requirements and escalating analog telephony costs are pushing enterprises toward cloud-centric faxing.

OpenText has consistently embraced new architecture as it matures, from VMs for fax server virtualization to cloud technology for today’s hybrid telephony.

Enterprise-grade security

Security is a main reason—perhaps the reason—that enterprises continue faxing in this day and age. But between mounting cyberattacks and broad regulations (e.g., HIPAA), it’s perpetually more difficult to secure sensitive information.

RightFax equips customers to uphold best practices in fax and telecom security.

  • Active Directory sync automates user management.
  • Granular audit trails and retention policies are audit-ready.
  • The Encryption Module  (optional) applies 256-bit AES encryption to all fax images.
  • Secure FoIP channels (optional) enable TLS 1.2 over SIP, further securing data between RightFax services and components.

A mature product with long-term support

While new SaaS fax products emerge (and often vanish) out the blue, RightFax is a mature and stable application with decades of refinement. After so many years at the forefront of enterprise faxing, each new RightFax version upholds best-in-class reliability and support.

The backing of OpenText, itself a perennial leader in information management, means customers can count on a deep support organization and a long-term roadmap that puts enterprise customers first.

Setting the standard in 2024 & beyond

At Paperless Productivity®, we implement cloud-friendly fax solutions that deliver ROI quickly and sustainably.

In 2024, as in so many years past, RightFax remains the sole platform we trust with our clients’ most critical fax workflows.

If you’re ready to learn more about RightFax and our managed Private Fax Cloud® implementation, then reach out today to schedule time with a solutions architect.

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