RightFax Fax Server

RightFax is an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage IP fax software and paperless document delivery solution that helps enterprises streamline paperless document management and implement a reliable UM fax strategy in the post-analog era. Its features include:

  • The features, scalability, and integration capabilities of Open Text RightFax
  • Automated fax capabilities
  • Possibility of multiple fax servers, according to organization demand
  • Integrations Module with variety of APIs and integration tools
  • Connectors for SAP and SharePoint
  • Integration with EMR / EHR systems such as Epic, GE, NextGen, and Cerner
  • Interoperability with MFP fax devices from HP, Sharp, Ricoh, Xerox, and Konica Minolta

With the RightFax faxing software, you can efficiently and securely send and receive documents through fax, e-mail, print devices, or the Internet (FoIP, or Fax-over-IP). The RightFax Fax Server increases employee productivity by automating VoIP fax delivery of user-created documents; reduces costs by eliminating manual faxing, paper, phone lines, and fax machines; and improves customer service by providing secure, confirmed, and immediate document delivery.

RightFax Fax Server is a powerful, efficient faxing software solution for paperless and UM fax

RightFax Fax Server Solutions and UM Fax Applications

RightFax Fax Server allows organizations to save time and money by enabling users to transmit and manage documents directly from desktop, e-mail, and other business applications.

  • Based on the RightFax Enterprise Suite
  • Can be coupled with enterprise messaging applications to create a powerful unified messaging solution with outstanding UM fax capabilities
  • With Cisco Unity or Cisco Unity Connection voice messaging solutions, it allows users to manage all voicemail, email and fax communications from a single inbox that can be accessed from phones and internet-capable devices

RightFax Fax Server and the Paperless Office

With RightFax fax software solutions, offices now have a secure and convenient alternative to expensive, manual input-intensive paper faxing. By going paperless, a typical organization enjoys monthly savings of about $100 per fax machine eliminated, reduced time spent managing documents, and a smaller carbon footprint. Why wait to experience the benefits of the RightFax Fax Server software?

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