RightFax 9.4 Digital Fax Software

RightFax 9.4 Fax Software offers a multitude of new benefits and enhancements in terms of systems, administrators, and users. RightFax 9.4 provides your organization with increased scalability and enterprise-wide functionality with increased options for data fail-over. However, v9.4 also comes with a number of other improvements:

  • Increased number of configuration options for less server downtime via enhancements to the Shared Services Module and new
  • Improved fail-over options due to new dialing rules
  • New set-up for easy deployment
  • Enhanced auditing via the Enterprise Fax Reporter
  • Improved user experience through drag and drop sending of faxes and outbound message notifications
  • Image-based fax delivery notifications
  • Expanded support to include 32-bit client applications and application virtualization

RightFax 9.4 provides both users and administrators new enhancements to better address an organization’s faxing needs. With systems enhancements to decrease server down-time and improved technical support, RightFax 9.4 provides a rock-solid digital solution to document transmission needs.

RightFax 9.4 Fax Software Editions

RightFax 9.4 is offered in a range of scalable solutions that accommodate for businesses and organizations of all sizes and provide solutions for any document distribution need. In addition to the comparison below, our RightFax v16, v10.6, v10.5, and v10.0 part numbers lists contain the full range of available features, licenses, and fax hardware.

RightFax 9.4 Business Server

RightFax 9.4 Business Server serves as an ideal solution for small to mid-size businesses with a high volume of fax traffic. Business Server can be modified based upon your business’s needs via add-ons and integration modules and can accommodate an unlimited amount of users and up to thirty fax lines.

RightFax 9.4 Enterprise Server

RightFax 9.4 Enterprise Server offers national to global companies a solution for enterprise-wide faxing needs. RightFax 9.4 Enterprise Server is ideal for organizations looking to consolidate multiple fax platforms into a large-scale electronic faxing and document automation solution. Enterprise Server v9.4 supports multiple add-ons and integrations.

RightFax 9.4 Enterprise Suite

RightFax 9.4 Enterprise Suite is an ideal solution for national or global companies seeking to leverage multiple RightFax instances and a suite of additional integrations and modules. RightFax Enterprise Suite includes Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, and PDF module.

RightFax 9.4 Enterprise Integration Server

RightFax 9.4 Enterprise Integration Server provides the same benefits to organizations and business’s as the Enterprise Suite edition. Enterprise Integration Server supports connectors to Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, PDF module as well as the RightFax SAP Connector and RightFax Integration module for back office applications. Enterprise Integration Server offers a much more robust solution for businesses seeking to leverage existing software systems.

No matter the size of your business or existing business systems, RightFax 9.4 provides solutions catered to streamline workflows and enhance productivity and automated document delivery. Discounted GSA pricing is also available for eligible customers. Click here now or call toll-free 1-877 MY FAXING (693-2946) today to schedule a live demo and see how RightFax 10.0 can drive down costs, enhance efficiency, and streamline business processes.

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