RightFax 10.6 Enterprise Fax Server is made for organizations looking to combine multiple fax servers into a large-scale electronic faxing and document automation solution. By taking advantage of fax-over-IP (FoIP, or “VoIP fax”) technology, it enables faster and more reliable fax communications, providing your organization with great benefits including:

  • Compliant document distribution
  • Network-wide desktop faxing
  • Fully scalable
  • Customizable administrator and user experience

RightFax Enterprise Server aids businesses to optimize business processes, shorten business cycle, eliminate costs, aid compliance efforts, and increase employee productivity. Enterprise Server 10.6 is suited for organizations seeking to leverage multiple fax servers into a large scale, enterprise wide FoIP enabled document distribution system. The system is fully scalable and can accommodate an unlimited amount of users and up to 1024 available channels.

Integration & Functionality

This application facilitates faxing transmitted from virtually any business application, as well as over the Internet, giving organizations unparalleled flexibility and convenience while maintaining secure, reliable channels of communication. Many integrations and features are available to users right out of the box:

  • Least Cost Routing
  • OCR Routing and Conversion
  • Secure SMTP Mail Gateway for connection to hosted (cloud based) and on-site e-mail systems
  • Web Access Client
  • RightFax Internet Connector (no-cost faxing between RightFax servers)
  • Alerting and Monitoring Functionality
  • Unlimited SMS Transactions

Many additional modules and add-ons are available to customize your Enterprise Server to accommodate your business or organization’s preexisting software systems such as:

  • PDF Module
  • Searchable PDF Module
  • Bar Code Routing Module
  • Web Access Client
  • Connector for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes
  • SAP ERP Connector
  • Connector for SharePoint

The collection of integrations and add-ons accommodate any and every organization’s needs, no matter their size or existing systems. The Enterprise Server is fully customizable, streamlining business processes through any existing workflow.

For assistance in ordering modules like the above, please consult the v10.6, v10.5, or v10.0 page for corresponding RightFax part numbers. If your organization can source through the GSA, then RightFax GSA pricing is available as well.

Getting Started with RightFax

With fully scalable and fully customizable document management solutions, a host of benefits are readily attainable. Click here now or call toll-free 1-877-MY-FAXING (1-877-693-2946) today to schedule a live demo and see how the right fax server can streamline business processes, drive down costs, and increase productivity for your organization.