Fax to Email with Concord Fax

Fax to Email is a feature of Concord Fax Online that facilitates the receiving of inbound internet faxes through your email inbox. The Concord Fax to Email (F2E) service enables the receipt of fax documents in electronic format as attachments to email messages. This is accomplished by linking the F2E customer’s telephone number to the email address (account). Faxes are sent from a fax machine, in a normal fashion, by dialing the recipient’s fax number. These faxes travel through the Concord Fax Online network and are delivered to the customer’s email inbox (inbound faxing) within seconds.

Concord’s F2E service provides real-time failover (redundancy) for both outbound and inbound communications. Unlike conventional IP fax providers and in-house solutions which only offer outbound failover and very limited inbound failover, making their networks less reliable and subject to local disruptions such as power outages and natural disasters. Concord’s global fax network is immune to regional outages such as natural disasters, power failures etc. Concord’s Fax to Email service fully integrates with Microsoft Office and supports all Microsoft Office fax features such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and image editing such as signing documents in Microsoft Office Document Imaging. All communications can be fully encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security) or VPNs.

Fax to Email(F2E) services with Concord Fax Online

Fax to Email Benefits

Concord Fax to Email provides Concord Fax Online customers and users can expect a multitude to benefits. Concord Fax Online F2E provides flexibility through the ability to select inbound numbers and the ability to dictate the format of inbound faxes. Concord Fax to Email also serves as a document management system that greatly improves your enterprise's audit ability.

Phone Number Support

Concord Fax Online F2E customers can choose from toll-free numbers or local numbers, depending on the company’s business needs and locations. Concord provides inbound numbers in the US and other countries in Europe, Asia and South America. The network is expanding and phone number availability changes regularly. Contact Concord for the most recent list.

Fax Document

One of the many benefits of Concord Fax Online Fax to Email is the ability to efficiently manage documents. As internet fax documents are delivered as incoming email message attachments, they can then be forwarded to another recipient or stored for later retrieval at the recipient’s convenience. Fax attachments can be downloaded and stored electronically and easily forwarded to one or more parties. Since faxes are received as e-mail attachments, existing e-mail backup solutions will also backup faxes. Concord also provides FaxAssist, a free utility which allows faxes to be routed automatically to printers or specific folder(s) for storing.

Selectable Fax Document Formats

F2E customers may choose to receive fax attachments in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or TIFF image (.tif) format. The selection is made in the customer profile and may be changed at any time through the Account Administration Center (AAC) or by contacting Concord’s customer service team.

Concord Fax to Email provides a simple service for the receiving of faxes. Inbound faxes via the Concord Fax Online Fax to Email service provides document management services, cost-effective document distribution, and a familiar interface for users. Click here now or call toll-free today at 1-877-MY-FAXING (1-877-693-2946) to learn more about Concord Fax Online services and features, including Fax to Email.

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