RightFax & Jiva By ZeOmega

In value-based care, good health outcomes make for good business. Jiva, developed by ZeOmega, provides population health management tools that help risk-bearing organizations to thrive in this environment.

However, there's a painful bottleneck between cutting-edge applications like Jiva on the one hand, and the paper-heavy world of legacy healthcare systems on the other. Our RightFax–Jiva integration bridges this gap, allowing automated inbound and outbound faxing to/from Jiva.

The "Fax Gap" in Your Jiva Implementation

Ultimately, your organization probably acquired Jiva to achieve better population outcomes and a more steadily profitable business. In practice, this means managing utilization in a quicker, more seamless, more objective, more secure fashion.

Jiva takes a uniquely data-driven, AI-enhanced approach. Its advanced analytical features do much of the heavy lifting to integrate disparate data sets, automate workflows, apply business rules, and ultimately recommend actions.

But if efficient care management is the goal, then traditional faxing poses a problem.

Most provider orgs still fax on a daily basis—often via paper—and will continue to rely on fax for the foreseeable future. Jiva, intelligent as it is, cannot directly use that vast body of paper-bound information. As a result, staff tend to:

  • Spend valuable time typing and scanning from forms
  • Make small but potentially costly errors that are inevitable with manual processing
  • Follow HIPAA practices in slightly different ways, inadvertently creating unnecessary risk
  • Frequently fall behind on the overwhelming amount of information to process

Your team wants to thrive in the data-driven future of healthcare, yet you're stuck battling the headwinds of legacy faxing!

RightFax & Jiva Integration for Modern Faxing

RightFax remains the industry standard in enterprise fax for healthcare. Our RightFax–Jiva integration puts its capabilities right inside your healthcare management platform.

  • Send faxes with one click from a familiar interface
  • Make faxed data accessible to next-generation AI and ML tools
  • Bolster security and HIPAA compliance with end-to-end encryption and granular audit trails
  • Scale with reliable IP telephony and our managed Private Fax Cloud® architecture

Just like Jiva streamlines manual analysis and decision-making, RightFax eliminates manual effort at every stage of the faxing process.

The end result?

Seamless document intake, best-in-class information security, and quick access to essential patient data.

Getting Started With RightFax

As healthcare moves toward a more integrated and patient-centric model, Jiva and RightFax are a natural choice.

In their own ways, both solutions support the same objective: a world where secure, streamlined data access drives better health outcomes.

At Paperless Productivity®, we've spent more than two decades designing fax solutions for some of America's largest providers and payers. From technical project planning through comprehensive user training, we build scalable and trusted platforms that deliver rapid ROI.

To discuss workflow priorities or technical details around Jiva integration, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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