Advanced RightFax Training for Administrators

If your RightFax administrators have already completed our basic RightFax admin training, then our advanced training curriculum will empower them to manage an even wider range of RightFax functionalities and tasks. As most organizations use just some of RightFax's many available features, our advanced training material is closely tailored to the unique points of your fax environment. And whether training is conducted on-site or via the internet, trainees are guaranteed a hands-on, interactive experience.

Sample RightFax Admin Training Curriculum

If your goal is to make fuller use of your RightFax investment, perhaps through more complex integrations, then advanced administrator training will provide lasting value. Some of our most relevant and oft-requested RightFax training topics include how to:
  • Plan for installation with new DB architecture
  • Work with a RightFax server collective (Shared Services Module)
  • Synchronize with Active Directory and automate RightFax user creation
  • Archive inbound and outbound faxes and metadata with RightFax EDC
  • Automate RightFax client software and desktop deployment
  • Expand FaxUtil and Web client workflow capabilities
  • Deploy the RightFax Integration Module for backend system integration (with Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, EPIC, Unix, Midrange, Mainframes, and others)
  • Manage sophisticated integrations with EMR / EHR, Case Management, Document Management, and other healthcare applications
  • Implement RightFax’s OCR capabilities for reduced data entry
If you’d like to discuss our approach to RightFax training or review your specific RightFax support or training needs, then please contact Paperless Productivity today online or by phone at 1-877-MY-FAXING (1-877-693-2946).

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