What Is Enterprise Faxing, Really? (part 3)


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Posted on: April 26, 2015

We toss around the term “enterprise faxing” on a regular basis in our blog and websites. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at this phrase to see just what it is—and isn’t. So, for the next few weeks, we’ll very briefly break down some of the most essential attributes of an enterprise fax solution.

After our previous discussion on fax integration, it became clear that while a wide range of possible document sources is a valuable feature, it also requires a wide range of security protocols. Thus, true enterprise faxing is also highly secure and subject to very granular, customizable controls.

Any organization large enough to care about unifying its fax environment is almost certainly large enough to have offices that will be handling sensitive data. Even if initial pilot projects do not involve protected data, full deployments or expansions often do. It would be a tremendous disappointment for an initially successful fax solution to get extended throughout the company, only to encounter insurmountable security concerns down the road.

In short, data must be as secure at rest as in transit, and that’s exactly why genuinely enterprise-oriented digital fax solutions and cloud fax services support airtight encryption.

As for RightFax in particular, not only does the available Encryption Module use an ultra-safe protocol (192-bit Triple DES), but it even lets administrators track exactly who accesses which fax images, in addition to the standard ‘audit trail.’ In some cases, and especially for organizations concerned with strict standards like HIPAA, these sorts of detailed security features make RightFax the default option.

Without a doubt, security features are one of the easiest ways to distinguish enterprise fax software from more bare-bones products. We’re all aware that security threats evolve continually, which means fax solutions must do the same if they are to remain a step (or several) ahead and provide the security that large, complex clients require.

In that sense, security is one of many ways in which bona fide enterprise fax solutions are abreast of innovations in networking, workflow automation, and so forth. That’s a matter that deserves far more than a sentence of discussion, so we’ll take it up next week in the final—for now—post in this short series.

We’d love to hear more about your own experiences with faxing, both enterprise and otherwise. Whether we’re preaching to the choir or offering a completely different perspective, feel free to chime in!

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