RightFax Integration with Vitera EHR & RIS

RightFax adds industry-leading fax security and ease to a Vitera EHR or RIS environment, especially for practices with moderate to high volumes of fax traffic. Vitera clinical applications (formerly the Sage Intergy suite, and now sold under the Greenway Health brand) help smaller practices and community healthcare providers to meet meaningful use guidelines by improving information sharing and security. Through integration with this or any other OpenText fax solution, Vitera applications become even more dynamic and cost-effective by virtually eliminating paper from clinical document management.

RightFax and Vitera Simply Make Sense

Undoubtedly, your practice is looking for a way to make the most of its financial and human capital investments in the Vitera EHR or RIS. At the same time, you have considerable regulatory requirements stemming from legislation like HIPAA, the ACA, the HITECH Act, and so forth. These all impose stringent document management rules, such as ensuring confidential transmission and proper retention policies. You can now reconcile and fulfill the competing priorities of cost reduction and regulatory compliance thanks to several key features, such as:

  • Granular fax archival and retention rules, seamlessly integrated with OpenText and third-party storage systems
  • Fully secure and HIPAA-compliant fax transmission, whether on-site or cloud-based
  • Potential for integration with any and all software your practice may use
  • Major workflow efficiency improvements thanks to replacement of paper with a fully digital process

All Vitera products—including the full Intergy range, Transaction Services, and Practice Analytics—can generally be integrated with a digital fax solution. As technical requirements and business needs vary immensely, some integrations may require further discussion with a solutions engineer.

Many clients are pleasantly surprised at the ease of combining their fax platform with Vitera and other clinical applications, as well as the opportunities for other, simultaneous workflow improvements using the fax solution. And whatever degree integration is ultimately best for your organization, rest assured that it will be backed up by Paperless Productivity’s highly responsive and knowledgeable RightFax support help desk.

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