RightFax EHR / EMR Faxing with Greenway Health

EHR fax servers for Greenway Health can give any provider a formidable workflow advantage. From cost savings to PHI security, many clinical managers and administrators are already reaping the benefits of a RightFax-Greenway integration.

Greenway’s flagship Prime Suite product melds physician-guided design and practice-wide integration into a seamless combination of EHR and practice management tools. And by deploying a RightFax fax server alongside it, your Greenway EHR becomes an even more powerful and paperless healthcare solution.

Greenway EHR Fax Server Benefits

The impact of a fax server deployment on your operations depends heavily on your current EHR fax environment. For instance, customers relying on multi-function devices—let alone old-fashioned fax machines!—will experience a phenomenal reduction in workload right out of the gate.

Other practices, like those using a simple analog fax appliance or small business-oriented fax server, will immediately gain unprecedented reliability and mitigation of privacy risks.

When a fax solution is properly implemented, some of the most valuable RightFax-Greenway fax integration benefits include:

  • Eliminating all paper from EHR faxing
  • Easy extension of paperless faxing to all software in the organization
  • Industry-standard data security and privacy with the optional Encryption Module

RightFax & Other Greenway Fax Integrations

Although the bulk of RightFax-Greenway EHR fax integrations involve the Prime Suite, other Greenway products integrate just as smoothly.

The SuccessEHS application is popular among community, rural, and federally qualified health centers. Combining it with an EHR fax solution stands to maximize quality of care, all the while stretching tight payment and reimbursement dollars much farther. Likewise, a Greenway electronic dental records (EDR) fax integration can help even small practices reduce administrative expenses and support better, more organized patient service.

If you're ready to streamline your practice's fax workflow while minimizing costs and privacy risks, then it's time to learn more about RightFax EHR faxing with Greenway and other leading applications. Simply contact us today to arrange a complimentary healthcare fax consultation.

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