Common RightFax Support Questions: Does RightFax Work with Distributed File Systems?


Paperless Productivity

Posted on: September 17, 2014

IT departments frequently choose a distributed file system (DFS) as a means of improving data availability while maximizing redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. These are particularly important given the business-critical nature of faxing for many companies, so a question often arises as to whether RightFax supports DFS technology. While the short answer is “yes,” the manufacturer has not published official guidelines or best practices for configuring RightFax to support DFS.

A main factor in successfully configuring RightFax with a DFS is to determine the role of Active Directory. Some organizations may use a standalone DFS namespace, which is only locally accessible, and therefore does not use Active Directory. However, a domain-based DFS namespace—which does use Active Directory—is much more common.

RightFax-Active Directory synchronization is reliable thanks to OpenText and Microsoft’s long-time partnership. In fact, your RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange is also a means of syncing the respective RightFax and Active Directory databases. Naturally, this makes RightFax user creation and management far simpler, and is a good practice which most organizations already employ.

Thorough RightFax product expertise and general enterprise network know-how are critical for a robust DFS and/or Active Directory integration. For this reason, we strongly recommend that clients work with their RightFax support partner to configure the fax server to operate with their DFS. We at Paperless Productivity address this business-critical functionality on a regular basis, and are happy to offer our insights and guidance to all our clients.

Likewise, if your organization does not currently have RightFax support but wishes to configure its fax server with a DFS, SAN, NAS, or other complex storage service, contact us today for further information on one-time and ongoing RightFax support options.

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