ReadSoft Digital Fax Integration for Automated Data Capture

For high-volume enterprise capture needs, a ReadSoft fax integration can help create entirely paperless workflows. This strategic combination of two essential tools—advanced capture functionality and a reliable fax solution—reliably reduces operating costs while maximizing workflow efficiency.

The low-maintenance ReadSoft business process automation (BPA) solution eliminates manual workflows and data entry from faxed invoices, forms / surveys, document archives, and other paper-based data sources. As the digital fax solution of choice for ReadSoft integration, RightFax enables organizations to receive all future faxes in electronic format.

Understanding the Benefits of ReadSoft-RightFax Integration

ReadSoft opens up the possibility of a paperless office, and RightFax can help actualize it. ReadSoft + RightFax users are able to:

  • Put an end to piles of paper documents that consumer valuable time and resources
  • Make both inbound and outbound faxing into one-click desktop processes—no more time wasted at the fax machine!
  • Retain all the security advantages of traditional faxing without the exorbitant device and telecom costs
  • If desired, eliminate physical infrastructure by moving both faxing and document processing to the cloud

Another key feature of RightFax is its secure fax archive, which ReadSoft can access for document recognition/conversion. This results in a searchable repository that is easily integrated with enterprise archival/content management systems.

RightFax Support & Consulting

At Paperless Productivity, our core competency is deploying RightFax alongside data capture technology. We have implemented solutions like RightFax-ReadSoft integration for a multitude of organizations in nearly every sector, with workflows as simple as small-office scanning and as complex as distributed capture for multinational corporations.

Whatever your fax and data capture requirements, our team brings deep technical expertise and a highly effective RightFax support and RightFax training strategy. To view a live demonstration, or simply arrange a casual chat with an expert, please reach out to us at your convenience.

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