MedQ RIS Fax Integration with RightFax

The medQ RIS is a scalable, cost-effective, cloud-based solution that gives smaller radiology facilities all the functionality their big-hospital counterparts enjoy. And what medQ has done for your imaging workflow, RightFax will do for your fax workflow: reduce costs, improve flexibility, and ensure real-time data availability throughout the practice.

Over and over again, experience has shown that digital faxing complements RIS and EMR / EHR applications in a unique way with tangible benefits for both business and care. Upon deploying a RIS fax integration with RightFax, users gain a robust and dependable fax environment.

The Cutting Edge in RIS-Fax Integration

In light of serious and constantly evolving security threats, the RightFax digital fax solution places data privacy at the forefront. Among all health care fax solutions, RightFax stands out due to a combination of advanced security and market-leading usability. For instance, RightFax deployment enables you to:

  • Provide paperless faxing directly from your medQ RIS, in just a few clicks
  • Extend desktop faxing capability to all other applications on all workstation—and even mobile devices!
  • Encourage more HIPAA-compliant fax strategies
  • Minimize privacy risks by automatically validating all numbers before sending PHI
  • Restrict document access with custom rules, and track all access / transmission in an ‘audit trail’

Of course, all the above is only helpful if a RightFax-medQ integration can deliver a compelling value. And that’s precisely what it does. In fact, practically all our projects have seen a positive ROI in less than one year. In many cases, this occurs within just six months of implementation.

Project Management & Consulting for RIS Fax Integration

Your choice of fax partners can make the difference between a problematic project and a visibly successful one. So when stakes are high and budgets are tight, it only makes sense to choose experience.

Paperless Productivity’s consulting and engineering team is the choice of organizations from local clinics to Fortune 500 firms. From initial project development to long-term RightFax support and custom training, we are here to make sure your fax integration operates as smoothly and cost-effectively as can be. To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary workflow consultation, reach out today online or via phone at 877 MY FAXING(877 693-2946).

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