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RightFax integrates with NextGen for cost-effective and HIPAA compliant delivery of PHI

RightFax, the worldwide market leading fax server, provides NextGen users with a rock-solid fax environment that eliminates paper-based fax workflows, cuts delivery costs, supports compliance efforts, and improves efficiencies.

RightFax-NextGen Integration Key Benefits:

  • HIPAA Compliant: Supports HIPAA Compliance efforts and other regulatory measures through full audit capabilities and certified and encrypted document delivery options.
  • Native Integration: Users fax directly out of NextGen EMR application interface with RightFax Fax Server
  • Increases Productivity, Efficiency, and Patient Care: Faxing out of NextGen using RightFax provides organizations with improved patient care through reduction of employee time spent on faxing
  • Quick ROI: Integrating NextGen with RightFax cuts costs and delivers hard dollar ROI within 6 months

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