RightFax & Microsoft Office 365

RightFax adoption is smoothest when it fits into familiar workflows.

And for most organizations, Office 365 email is at the core of daily communications.

Does RightFax Integrate with Office 365?

Yes, RightFax integrates with Microsoft Office 365 via an SMTP Gateway and/or a Web Services connector built by OpenText. After integration, Office users can create faxes with a single click inside their email client.RightFax's ease and reliability have made it the marketing leader in enterprise-ready Office 365 fax services. It's an essential productivity add-on that provides:

  • Fast and fully secure faxing from any location
  • Centralized digital faxing with modern authentication standards
  • Lower (potentially zero) use of paper, consumables, and analog lines
  • End-to-end compliance and audit readiness built into the workflow
  • Native integration with your other essential applications
  • Intuitive, real-time fax status tracking right inside Outlook

RightFax & Office 365: Under the Hood

If you use Exchange Online, then this integration relies on a lightweight RightFax module called the Exchange Web Services Connector. The EWS Connector uses POP3 and SMTP connections between your Office 365 mail server and your RightFax instance. Inbound and outbound connections are both encrypted with TLS. As Microsoft has moved away from Basic Authentication, RightFax now supports OAuth for Office 365 user authentication.

How to Send a Fax

Once the integration is configured within Office 365 and the RightFax server, faxing becomes as easy as email.

This enables familiar, intuitive workflow steps, like contact look-ups and file attachment. Likewise, it helps prevent costly errors (and potential compliance risks) such as faxing to a wrong number or omitting critical information from a cover sheet. Users' exact steps will depend on how your email infrastructure is configured. For instance:

  • Do you run all email through Office 365 directly, or through a hybrid configuration with a local HUB/CAS server?
  • Do users access Outlook from a local installation or from a web browser?
  • Is local Outlook configured to use Cached Exchange Mode?

Whatever your email configuration, your Paperless Productivity® consultant will guide you to the most efficient and reliable method of incorporating RightFax.

Get Help With Office 365 Faxing

RightFax with Office 365 and Exchange Online is one of the most common integrations for enterprise clients.

It's a proven way to make faxing seamless, modern, and highly cost-effective—all while upholding (or enhancing) security and compliance.

Whether you're planning a RightFax deployment, Office 365 migration, or standalone project, our services team can have your users up and running quickly and with minimal interruption.

Contact us today to review workflow options, verify system requirements, and prepare for a fast and smooth integration.

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