RightFax and OCR Integration

OCR (optical character recognition) technology is fully optimized by integrating with the RightFax digital fax solution. Healthcare, finance, and most organizations today demand increased productivity, reduced costs, and an immediate return on investment (ROI). Paperless fax for OCR helps clients achieve those goals effectively, rapidly, and with little disruption to the business process.

Our clients today:

  • Fully optimize EMR, EHR, and CRM software by integrating with OCR and digital fax solutions
  • Reduce their mailroom traffic
  • Eliminate their inbound and outbound paper-based traffic
  • Reduce their carbon-based footprint

The average ROI is less than six months. Paperless Productivity’s suite of solutions allows our clients to leverage fax software with paperless business process automation, providing our clients with complete OCR and paperless faxing software integration for the enterprise. Alongside faxing software, OCR software can further these goals, save money, and streamline company resources.

OCR with RightFax Streamlines Business Processes

  • Significantly reduces manual data entry costs and increases productivity
  • Lowers labor costs and increases margins
  • Reduces errors while expediting process response time

OCR forms processing intelligently takes incoming faxes, correct any linear distortions, and processes them into company systems. No matter how faxes come in, OCR technology can recognize, identity, and process documents quickly and correctly, eliminating manual data entry into EMR, EHR, and CRM software.

OCR document conversion transforms image-based documents into searchable text, which makes it easier to act on incoming faxes. Incoming faxes are indexed and converted with the ability to export to Microsoft SharePoint or network folder. This adds up to an automated solution to drastically improve document archival and transition to a truly paperless office.

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