EMC Documentum: Digital Fax Integration with RightFax

An electronic fax integration can help your EMC Documentum platform bring new value and simplicity to many workflows.

This leading ECM system already enjoys a reputation for secure information management from intake through distribution, and at every stage in between. Even before an ECM fax integration, Documentum customers benefit from fully electronic content storage, with practically unlimited possibilities for development and custom integration/modification.

By adding a RightFax digital fax solution to your Documentum ECM environment, you will fully eliminate paper faxing from day-to-day workflows. Often, this is a substantial step toward a truly paperless office.

RightFax for Documentum Fax Workflow Automation

RightFax integration enhances key Documentum functionalities like document capture, legal compliance, workflow management, remote accessibility, and much more. Does your Documentum environment already:

  • Take in faxed documents without ever printing a single page?
  • Make fax routing completely automatic?
  • Facilitate compliance by tracking all fax access and activity in an ‘audit trail’?
  • Provide users with both desktop and mobile fax management?
  • Create a positive ROI while eliminating information roadblocks at every stage?

For many offices, the answer to most of these questions is “no.” Even with the best-implemented ECM solutions, faxing often remains a weak link—or merely an afterthought. Even though information is well managed once already inside Documentum, the process of obtaining it from faxed documents may leave much to be desired.

ECM Digital Fax Consulting

Over many decades of combined experience, the Paperless Productivity team has seen RightFax transform information management both on its own and in conjunction with ECMs like Documentum. With its industry-leading reliability and typical ROI timeframe of about six months, the fax solution quickly becomes an integral part of clients’ document management strategies.

When you are ready to discuss your particular document management, digital faxing, or RightFax support needs with an expert, please contact our team online or at 877 MY FAXING (877 693-2946).

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